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She lived her life to make a difference – and did! She literally crafted our local human services system over 50+ of her 85+ years. Now, a group of people are taking action to ensure her legacy … more
Moments of glory in the garden come thick and fast in this last week of July. A wild party of bright petunias, a bouquet of Shirley poppies, a big stand of Russian sage in a neighbor’s sunny … more
They first visited the bird bath about three weeks ago, those three fledgling Chestnut-backed Chickadees. They were looking goofy, with pin feathers sticking out at odd angles, and wanted to bathe. … more
For twelve years I was the pet parent of the most fascinating, frustrating and adorable yorkie in the world. And I am the first to admit I was stupid over that dog. When I found this little nugget of … more
When I was growing up my art teacher (shout out to Sister Madeline!) told us that everyone is an artist just that some of us must work harder than others to discover the medium that reveals our … more
In the last column , I shared evidence supporting the effect of happiness and joy on health.  While researching that piece, I came across references to the importance of CONNECTION as a unique … more
... every library patron must be equally free to select for themselves the library materials that meet their needs and wishes, without regard to the criticism of others. more
The last of the lettuce has gone to seed and turned bitter in our hot, sunny weather. Only the chickens like it now. The garlic has also been harvested, leaving more bare and idle ground. Summer … more
Recently I was asked how the hobby of bird watching began. Of course, people in every time, country and culture have paid attention to birds, if only to understand how to exploit them for food by … more
I love early morning appointments for personal services. And by personal services, I mean places like nail and hair salons. I am not sure why, but it seems like everyone is in a better mood early on. … more
I hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer. One of my fondest memories of summer is attending a Shakespearean play and listening to free concerts in the park on a hot summer evening. The … more
Dear Lexis, I just had a baby and I'm feeling kind of abandoned by my husband. I've got a baby attached to me basically 24/7 but when my husband gets home from work I basically have to … more
Whether he’s driving a “speedy” 40 miles per hour on the freeway or matching the traffic flow as he pulls his vehicle on a trailer, Dave Gaston of Littlerock, Washington, is on the … more
Standing by a spectacular bed of lilies near his front door, a friend said “This year my garden is finally everything I want it to be.” What an enviable satisfaction! Most of us have … more
Earlier this week, a friend and I decided to look around for birds in downtown Olympia, and particularly around the Port (see map for specific locations mentioned). We were pleasantly surprised. … more
Writing a column is a lonely profession. Whether you do it at home or in an office setting, ultimately you are alone, listening to the little voice inside your head, and staring at a blank computer … more
In my last column, we discussed how mental and physical health are inextricably linked, as there is extensive scientific research on how negative emotions impact the body.    Returning … more
I know the last couple of days have not felt too much like summer, but remember it can always be worse! Have you seen the map of the high temperatures across the country? I recall the first summer we … more
Since Pixar’s first film in the 1990s, when they introduced us to another mean storytelling style through Toy Story, the company engaged the audience with its unique storytelling. Up until … more
Dear Lexis, How do you know when you should quit a project vs when to stick it out? Thanks, Wondering in Lacey Dear Wondering, That is a tricky one, but generally speaking, I would recommend that you … more
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