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A walk through Mt. Rainier wildflowers can sure make a gardener humble. Nothing we can do will ever match the sight of a drift of avalanche lilies or a patch of paintbrush, alpine asters, rosy spirea … more
In another life I owned a little café in a tiny town in California. When I say tiny – I mean the town had two bars, a mom-and-pop grocery store, a feed … more
It’s absolutely fascinating what’s happening to policing in our community resulting from the new state laws, and what our local jurisdictions are doing in response to new ideas, new … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been trying to declutter my house for the last few weeks, but I’ve determined that I can’t tackle the project alone. I hold too much sentiment to things and I … more
It’s time to revel in the glory of high summer – this annual peak experience of beauty and abundance in the garden, on the barbecue grill and at the beach. It’s time to call in … more
I have long had a love/hate relationship with telephones. When I was a kid, we had a three-digit phone number, an operator to whom we repeated the … more
Dear Lexis, People often tell me that my expectations in life are too high. They tell me that my dreams are impossible and that I shouldn’t keep trying to pursue such lofty goals. I know … more
Years ago my 15-year-old foster daughter asked me a question I’ll never forget: Why, she inquired, do you make a beautiful garden in the back yard, but not the front yard? Don’t you think … more
Okay, folks, it’s time for some fun! Now that we have been allowed back into society it’s time to remember there is more out there than the grocery store. For instance…the … more
 Dear Alexis, I’ve been struggling with depression lately; I can’t seem to find a good way to retain hope. It’s almost as if the world is beating up on me constantly and … more
Potted geraniums on a front porch are a pleasant greeting when you come home from work, and a visual treat for neighbors walking by. But plants in pots are more than a pleasantry. For people who … more
The recent heatwave was tough on everyone, but especially so for seniors. Fans flew off shelves, ice cubes were placed in front of them, clothes were removed and sleep was spotty at best. But we got … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been talking with my wife about leaving my job for a while; however, the other day something happened at work and I decided to put in my notice. We didn’t plan on me … more
Most of us have known for decades that we live on a warming planet caused by carbon dioxide emissions, so last week’s heat wave should not have been a surprise. Even so, 109 degrees was a … more
He’s charming.  But you knew that. His name is Dick Pust and for 50 years, local old timers and newcomers alike, listened to his soothing voice on the radio. For 50 years he was … more
Dear Lexis, I find that I'm angry or depressed a lot lately but I'm not really sure why that is. I know that there's a lot of good in my life, but that doesn't seem to matter. Any ideas on what I … more
In the spring and early summer, the world is full of perfect leaves, fast growth, and healthy, vigorous gardens. But now the solstice has passed, the heat’s been turned up – way up this … more
Now that you know what constitutes elder abuse (or see previous stories) whom do you contact if you suspect someone is being abused?  Getting Help: There are three main entities in our … more
Dear JOLT Reader: Life can be hard sometimes; it certainly has been for me lately and I don’t really know when things will start to turn for the better. My new husband and I have been … more
Back in the day, some farmers used to test their soil by tasting it. If it was sour, it was too acidic; to sweeten it, they added ground limestone or wood ashes. These days, the Thurston … more
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