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Well, folks, the pre-election year is upon us once again. Not for the first or last time will we be bombarded with political ads, name-calling, out and out lies, and general juvenile behavior by … more
I started writing this column highlighting local nonprofit organizations about a year and a half ago. However, 25 years before I started this column, Thurston Community Media (known as TC Media) was … more
I had the recent privilege to interview a local hero who uncovered the origins and causes of the national prescription opiate crisis. He did this right here in Olympia in the WA State Department of … more
She is a tiny woman who radiates love and joy. Her life is inspiring and she has thrived in her life, despite early devastation.  On Sunday, May 21, 2023, a ribbon-cutting event with about … more
The fascination of Himalayan blue poppies Anyone who has seen a Himalayan blue poppy remembers when they saw one for the first time: the sudden, stunned breath of wonder at the sight of this … more
Editor's note: George is taking a week off. This was originally published   June 9 , 2022 under the headline, " Three lesser-known bird species that are among the most interesting. " … more
Those of us who have raised children have a pretty good idea of what their personalities, dreams, goals, and foibles are by the time they reach adulthood…or so we like to think… … more
I am sure you are aware; that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and while many of us will be celebrating with BBQ, boats, or beaches, I think it is important to take a moment to reflect on the … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been trying to move forward with a project that requires me to speak in front of other people and I’m finding it extremely difficult to “pull the … more
This year’s recipient of the Dispute Resolution Center’s (DRC) Evan Ferber Peacemaker Award is an Olympia Police Department (OPD) civilian staff person, Outreach Services … more
Camas is blooming in Thurston County prairies this week, including prairie land on JBLM. It’s also blooming in the median of I-5 in Hawks Prairie. This small blue flower is a hardy native … more
It’s been so warm at night that I have left my bedroom’s sliding door open. As a result, I’ve been awakened at about 5:00 a.m. by singing birds (and wide-awake cats who think they … more
Recently I spent a few days as a patient in Providence St. Peter Hospital. I have not been in any hospital since 1976, so to say things have changed would be a major understatement. When my last … more
How did you like the lightning and thunder show last night? I know that here in the PNW we don’t get storms like that very often (in Texas, we call that April and May), but the severity of the … more
Summer is here (albeit in spring) and the end of the pandemic has been declared! I would like to share some reflections on Covid-19. Two research studies, a book, and a concert experience … more
Dear Lexis, When do you know it’s time to move on from a toxic situation? Thanks, Wondering in Olympia Dear Wondering, That can be a tricky question. There are all … more
Wow. A forecast for nearly 90 degrees on Mothers’ Day! Public opinion is divided about our heat wave, but tomato plants love it. And a lot of mothers love tomato plants. Maybe your mother … more
Since 2022, JOLT has told the stories of Thurston County, and what is happening right here in our own community. Editor Danny Stusser calls it an exercise in democracy, saying, “We publish … more
In recent weeks several readers have asked me to help them better identify the spring birds, and especially their songs. I suspect some of you have tried listening to the dawn chorus and been … more
Tell us what you're gonna do tonight, mama. There must be someplace you can go In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama, There must be someone you know. God knows, you're … more
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