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A downtown street religious sermon was halted after police say a transient attempted to stab the gospel speaker with a knife last Thursday. Sherene Hartlett, 33, allegedly came into the crowd of … more
Olympia Police arrested a man who lives in his recreational vehicle on Ensign Road who was accused by two neighbors of assaulting a third neighbor there on May 7. Jesse Heal, 27, had allegedly … more
After colliding with a light pole and allegedly committing a DUI, a 21-year-old Olympia resident blamed an eyewitness for contacting police on Sunday. Caitlin Roth allegedly drove her Nissan truck … more
The many-years wait by west Olympia residents will be over two weeks from tomorrow, when Olympia Timberland Library opens a new branch inside of Capital Mall.  The new branch will open on … more
An Olympia man was arrested after allegedly beating his girlfriend with an aluminum I-beam level last Thursday. James McGreevey, 50, was arrested May 6 after hitting his common-law wife with the … more
Olympia’s City Council focused on the continuing public health emergency of homelessness at its weekly meeting on Tuesday.  During the May 4 meeting the council approved two resolutions … more
A transient man was arrested for refusing to leave the Capital Medical Center last Sunday. Peter Davis, 45, had been voluntarily seen by a Designated Crisis Responder (DCR) on May 2 for concern … more
In the past 30 days, a transient woman has been in contact with law enforcement four times, three times placed in jail for her actions. Wendy Adkins, 58, is a transient who was booked into the … more
An Olympia Police officer on foot patrol encountered a woman who “appeared to be under the influence of some kind of substance” reaching into the broken front door glass of a downtown … more
A transient woman was arrested yesterday after refusing to leave a property she said was “gifted” to her by the city and then proceeded to give two false names to Olympia … more
Olympia police were called early this morning to investigate a suspicious vehicle idling for hours in front of a gas pump; once they arrived they found an intoxicated man passed out over the … more
A transient man living in the Wheeler Avenue houseless community was arrested last Thursday after repeatedly assaulting his girlfriend., police say.  Glenn Ingram II, 51, was accused on April … more
Driving with no license plate and an invalid trip permit got a man pulled over and arrested by Olympia Police early in the morning last Thursday. Olympia Police pulled over Leslie Locker, 40, … more
An Olympia police officer spotted a downtown commercial structure fire born out of a porta potty behind the building at 2:14 a.m. last night while responding to another dispatch call. Olympia Fire … more
Denied entry to use a butcher shop’s bathroom, a transient proceeded to threaten the store owner as well as “moon” him on Wednesday just before noon. Andrew B. LaPierre, 36, on … more
A man who didn’t use a turn signal and whose vehicle's brake light wasn't illuminating drove through a stop sign in front of a marked Olympia Police car just before midnight on … more
After a Lacey man crashed through a fence early Wednesday morning he threatened a Good Samaritan who attempted to help him, police say. The man’s passenger was identified by the police as … more
Two repeat graffiti taggers of the Quality Burrito were caught by security surveillance which led to their arrests on yesterday.  Kelli Mazzoni, 27, was caught by Olympia Police on Thu., … more
A man accused of repeatedly tagging the Olympia Police Station was nabbed last Sunday after arguing broke out with his counterparts during a protest at City Hall. Aaron Seigler, 26, of Lakewood, … more
A man who stole from a grocery store last Sunday, returned later that day to threaten assault against the manager who reported him. Olympia Police were dispatched on April 25 to the Safeway at … more
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