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If you’re reading this, thanks for caring! Here’s another bit of JOLT trivia: The 1,000 th issue of The Daily JOLT , our headlines newsletter sent each weekday, will appear this Friday. … more
For the past 15 months, I have been engaged in photographically documenting the homeless in Olympia for The JOLT and national media .  As such, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with … more
Today I was privileged to interview seven unsheltered individuals who live in Olympia. It was part of the annual, federally mandated PIT Count – Point in Time census – organized here by … more
If you have never read the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read statement, it is worth your time to read this powerful document. Published in 1953, eight years after the end of World … more
Last month 44 Thurston County Republican Precinct Committee Officers gathered in the Remnant Church in Tumwater for an emergency meeting. It was an official proceeding, the chair of the Thurston … more
Today is Democracy Day in the United States. News organizations across the country launched it to report more and better information about the crisis facing democracy in the United States. … more
On Sunday, The JOLT enters the start of Year 4 of its life as a startup news organization, one of about 1,000 hyperlocal newsrooms across the United States that have launched in the past 10 years. … more
Our fire departments need help. Many firefighters are working 2 or more days in a row, stressed out and surviving on catnaps. Equipment needs to be replaced, and fire stations need improvements. … more
For the last couple months, I’ve been working with a small and very talented group of volunteers on the Save Our FDs campaign advocating No on Proposition 1.   It’s been … more
As the Superintendents of Thurston County school districts, we feel compelled to comment on the bills under consideration this legislative session for Special Education Funding. In 2018, the … more
Thank you, Danny Stusser and Ryan Vandergriff, for reviewing my rock biography, Somebody Else’s Dream: Dakota, the Buoys, and “Timothy,” especially Ryan’s description of … more
Cities make decisions all the time about whether to spend money on any given civic improvement, incentive program, service increase or addition.  That’s simply how government works.  … more
Many Western states have declared they will achieve all-renewable electrical goals in just two decades. Call me naïve, but haven’t energy experts predicted that wind, sun and other … more
There have been several articles posted in recent weeks that are largely in opposition to an April 25th, 2023 ballot measure on the Olympia-Tumwater Regional Fire Authority (RFA). These articles … more
Unless you've done what might be the smart thing and stopped watching national TV news, you know that there's a run-off election this week in Georgia to let the voters there vote for the third time … more
There is an issue on the ballot next week that is little talked about: that of moving the Port of Olympia from three to five Commissioners. This could be because there is little perspective to base a … more
Last night I stayed up late to watch the first episode of “Alaska Daily,” the new dramatic series on KOMO TV, channel 4 or 104, Seattle’s ABC affiliate. So far it features the … more
Just about every video game, young adult novel and buzz-worthy streaming series agrees that we need to prepare for a post-apocalyptic world. Up ahead, around a sharp curve or off a cliff, it is … more
The Weyerhaeuser Company is doing great these days. With net earnings of $2.6 billion last year, the company proclaimed, “Our 2021 financial performance was the strongest on … more
Okay, I get it. The city wants to incentivize the building of housing into specific areas, such as downtown or near the Capital Mall. How do the city council do it? They identify areas to improve … more
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