About The JOLT News Organization

The Journal of Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater and The Daily JOLT are published by The JOLT News Organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 87-2868827.

Our mission:

The JOLT News Organization nourishes the civic lives of Thurston County residents and grows community capacity by publishing accurate, relevant and entertaining stories that help people become better informed and more involved in local issues, events and activities.

Established in May 2020, JOLT stands for The Journal of Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater, a hyper-local (digital-native) news site, weekday newsletter and the name of our organization.  (We converted to become a nonprofit corporation in November 2021.) 

Our beats include public meetings and hearings, education, business, local politics, local environmental issues, crises, celebrations and more.  We are committed to providing space for multiple perspectives and opinions from professional journalists, new reporters and not-yet-published writers.

Board of Directors

Linda Villegas Bremer

David Hanig

Denise Parker

Chuck Pfeil

Alan Wertjes

Bill Will


Our staff
Danny Stusser, Publisher & Executive Director

Danny Stusser -- danny@theJOLTnews.com -- has been a news junkie since age 12 when he started writing for his middle-school newspaper. He continued to write for publication through college and beyond. From January 2005 until COVID-19 he published Coffee News in separate editions for Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and State Offices. He holds a B.L.A. degree from Harvard University. 

Alexis Rae Baker, Columnist
Alexis Rae Baker -- Lexis@theJOLTnews.com -- grew up in Thurston County and earned her Bachelors Degree at The Evergreen State College. As a student she studied psychology, business, and evolutionary biology and has spent years developing new philosophies about life and human behavior. After two years traveling the country as a semi-truck driver, she took an early sabbatical to focus on writing and, in November 2019, she joined Pareto-Curve Marketing as Publishing Associate for Coffee News, and continues with its new publication, JOLT.
Prachi Gohil, Publishing Associate
Prachi Gohil – prachi@theJOLTnews.com – ensures that we fulfill our promise to publish stories about events and activities covering a wide range of interests. She began her journalism career in high school, writing news and interviews, and wrote for St. Martin’s University’s student newspaper, The Belltower when she was a student there. She joined The JOLT in June 2020 and is currently pursuing her Master of Project Management from Northeastern University.
Kathleen Anderson, Columnist
Kathleen Anderson has written essays and columns for newspapers and television in California since 1989, with focuses on real estate, home maintenance and topics for senior citizens. She also owned and ran her own 35-seat café, managed a hotel, and managed programs for a network of 20 senior housing facilities. New to Olympia since 2018, she lives in North Olympia with one of her four children and is a lifelong Lion.