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There are people who appreciate the wild, forested greenness of Washington State and there are those who see land as a resource to be exploited. There are those who work and live in harmony with … more
The Olympia School Board’s unanimous decision to appoint Talauna Reed to the board has sparked vocal hate cloaked in concern. Ms. Reed is the first African American board member and has … more
Dear JOLT Readers: According to an article in The Olympian, the Port of Olympia is dragging its feet on getting substantial public input for its next contract with Weyerhaeuser when it expires … more
In less than two weeks, the State will choose one of three sites they want to create an airport the size of SeaTac. A location near Rainier in Thurston County is one of them. The State … more
A mega airport in Thurston County?  Two locations (of several others) in Thurston County have been suggested by WSDOT and the Governor’s aviation expansion work group.  One between … more
To the Editor: Personal comment on the “balanced year”. We experienced this one time while stationed at Fort Knox, KY in a DoDEA [Department of Defense Education … more
To the City of Tumwater: We object to Port-Panattoni plans to build a megawarehouse in our neighborhood. Hundreds of comments representing thousands of Thurston County taxpayers have raised … more
To the Editor of the JOLT: The JOLT’s May 20th article, “Olympia committee seeks to legislate rent-increase notices, limit move-in costs” describes how the Olympia City Council … more
Thurston County Commissioners Mejia, Menser, and Edwards: The organizations listed below request that you protect the trees in Capitol State Forest, especially the Legacy Forests within Thurston … more
“Defund Police” is an offensive sound bite. Its appeal and widely proclaimed message nullifies the more important changes that are needed that lie beneath the motto. It turns people off … more
The following letter was sent to the Port of Olympia Commissioners by the signer below and is published verbatim.  Port of Olympia Commissioners  606 Columbia Street NW, Ste. … more
Musings Comedian Rodney Dangerfield used to start his routine with the line, “I get no respect.” He could easily have been speaking about old people. It certainly fits, but no one is … more
“One Family” and “One World”    The millions of people who watched the ending ceremony of the winter Olympics’ saw a magnificent fireworks show when at the … more
Dear Sam, Laurie, and Jessica: The legislature, in my opinion, has taken progressive steps backward on housing.  That is while trying to do the right thing for renters, you are sometimes … more
January 27, 2022 I am writing on behalf of the Roundtable of Thurston County to express our support and endorsement for the four Thurston County public school replacement technology and capital … more
I write in praise of a carbon fee and dividend. Congress could enact it, and so could our legislature. The fee, collected at the mine, wellhead, or port of international entry, raises the price of … more
To the Editor:  A letter was sent to Port Commissioners on January 7, 2022 that calls for an investigation of the conflict of interest by recently-elected Port Commissioner Amy Evans.  A … more
To the Editor: Recently, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of the environmental issues have moved out of the 24-hour news cycle and out of the public consciousness. One of … more
I want to bring to light the neighborhood around the new Martin Way/Carpenter Rd encampment project. I have a petition and 80 plus signatures in one day from the surrounding businesses and … more
hey Lisa I have been saying this out loud a lot, but wanted to message the idea to you directly. have you ever considered stepping down and then being in a supporting role of Talauna Reed? You … more
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