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I am writing in response to the recent article in the Jolt, written by Pat Cole  about candidates for the Olympia City Council. I am one of those candidates.  I appreciate … more
2022 Port Budget – Financial Misrepresentation-Public Comment – 10/11/2021 To: Port Commissioners This comment is in regard to the Draft 2022 Port Operational Budget presented at … more
The Olympia Fire Department responded to a 7:45 a.m. call today at Wheeler St. encampment trash pile. By the time the fire department arrived, one female had already started taming the fire. It … more
To the Editor: America used to have great walkable cities connected by rail but in the mid 20th century the oil lobby got rid of that and went with cars in suburbs. Now we suffer from horrible … more
Dear Editor, Right now, motorcyclists are taking in the beauty of our Washington summer. Whether you ride or know someone who does, it’s assuring to know that most Washington adults agree … more
We were driving around this past weekend and were totally surprised by the number of cars and trucks with either a headlight, parking light, brake light or any number of lights burned out. We saw … more
Letter to the Editor I've been reading your JOLT News. And I read at the bottom you have some sort of, I guess you'd call it, a mission statement that says that you will … more
Hello City of Olympia, Land Use and Environment Committee Members;  Being involved with the Community Neighborhood Association, (CNA), I am concerned with the City of Olympia pushing the … more
Hello. We are the NT Fairness Alliance. We are parents, teachers, and community members within North Thurston Public  Schools. 10 days ago we launched a petition, requesting the NTPS Board … more
On Monday morning, May 10, when I heard that a large black bear up a tree in a suburban neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, was respectfully tranquilized and taken a way to be released after being … more
Dear Mayor Selby and Council Members, There is an item on your consent calendar that is not "routine" and should be the subject of a public discussion and vote. Resolution #21-0431 authorizes … more
Dear Mayor and City Council Members:  When we moved to Olympia a year ago we were delighted that we would be living in a community with folks whose values aligned with ours, where our … more
Dear Commissioners Edwards, Mejia, and Menser, Thank you for your resolution declaring racism a crisis in Thurston County. We want to highlight one issue that needs immediate attention. Last … more
I still don’t like litter, haven’t for a long time. I last littered while in high school. I learned that one didn’t litter, that’s very bad manners and not good for the … more
Dear Editor, The U.S. Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion, peaceable assembly, and that ourproperty not be taken without due process. Yet local governments recently have … more
The time has come for the City of Olympia to Choose. On February 9th, the Council will vote on a Comprehensive Plan amendment submitted by a grassroots coalition to remove a road planned to be … more
Letter to Washington State Patrol; Mr. Turk; I have lived in Olympia for 40 years. I am writing about the illegal trespass and vandalism activity that took place on January 6 at the Wa State … more
Commenting on "Outdated Sewage Treatment is Suffocating Fish in Puget Sound," published Dec. 8, 2020, Harry Branch writes:  The article on the "pressing state of environmental decay in Puget … more
Commenting on "Laws banning private armies go unenforced," Dale Putnam writes:  Interesting article. Can we expect to see a similar review and analysis of the legality or illegality of groups … more
In your Thurston County Trivia today you asked about the westside hospital. You referenced Capital Medical Center. Actually it was started in 1984, with construction into 1985. The original name … more
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