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Jane Jacobs, the author of “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” wrote, “You can’t rely on bringing people downtown, you have to put them there.” Her … more
A few years ago, I saw the animated movie, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” The movie truly opened my mind to the very thought of animation, each universe with its own animation style … more
Imagine this scene: A neighbor's house is on fire. The first fire truck arrives. But instead of using water on the blaze, the firefighters throw kerosene at it. The fire burns hotter, and the next … more
Two Eagle Scouts recently won the 2022 Arthur & Berdena King Scholarship Essay Competition. They, their family members, and officials of the local Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) chapter … more
The recent local election on the Regional Fire Authority was interesting, and eventful, and not because of the electoral result itself. In politics (all history?) the lessons learned, if at all, come … more
Since 1993, Super Mario Bros movies end up failing both financially and through critical reception, along with the first movie being the start of this adaptation curse. Now, as one of many major … more
In a Reader Opinion piece published in The JOLT on Monday, “Questions after a landslide (election),” John Gear raised appropriate questions about what he called the “crushing” … more
A few days ago, ballots showed Olympia and Tumwater voters rejecting, by nearly 2 to 1, the proposal to dissolve the two city fire departments and form a sort-of regional fire authority. It would … more
Many thanks to the voters of Olympia and Tumwater who saw through the baseless rhetoric of Proposition 1, and voted overwhelmingly to reject the formation of a Regional Fire Authority. The Cities … more
Proposition 1’s central feature is a new financing mechanism called a Fire Benefit Charge (FBC), a fee to be paid by property owners along with their property tax bills.  The FBC is set to … more
The Thurston County Republican Party (TCRP) encourages a vote of "NO" on Proposition 1. The TCRP understands and acknowledges the needs of our communities to support and adequately fund critical … more
I am speaking as one Port of Olympia Commissioner, not on behalf of the Commission body. The Port of Olympia has had ongoing issues with culture and leadership.  There have been numerous … more
To: Olympia Planning CommissionThe issue of how many parking spots to allow or require in new residential projects is not simple. Having a pat answer betrays an overreliance on ideology and/or … more
I am deeply troubled by the flier recently sent by the City of Olympia (and the City of Tumwater) regarding the Regional Fire Authority ballot measure Proposition No 1. As a resident of Olympia, I … more
Regionalization is a good concept, BUT the current design for the RFA is fatally flawed. Regionalization of governmental functions makes sense if carefully designed to achieve enhanced … more
I have received the flyer sent by the City of Olympia (and the City of Tumwater) regarding the Regional Fire Authority ballot … more
I spent 28 years of my life bargaining labor/management contracts in the Spokane Public Schools: 4 years bargaining on the labor side of the table and 20 years doing “interest-based” … more
When I wake up in the morning I shower, dress, go downstairs to make some coffee, and read the newspaper. Thirty minutes or so later, I have a small breakfast before leaving to drop my son off at … more
I noted that Governor Inslee traveled north to Seattle on Tuesday, March 21 to tour the remains of a homeless encampment under the First Avenue Bridge. While in Seattle and surrounded by his … more
Regional Fire Authority - Prop 1 Please vote NO on Olympia/Tumwater Proposition 1 in April. Biggest tax increase in the history of either Olympia or Tumwater. No new firefighters, fire … more
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