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When our lives and property are on the line, your firefighters answer the call every time, no questions asked, treating everyone equitably, professionally, and with compassion. But we are at a … more
I am the youngest of three children. . . my sister is 80 and lost her husband last year, my brother is 76 and I am 70.  Recently, my sister is having many mobility issues.  She has been in … more
On my daily walks through my West Olympia neighborhood, I encounter the homeless situated among us, part of the neighborhood, but yet apart from it. They come and they go. I decided to record some of … more
Yesterday was a good day for Legacy Forests in Capitol Forest. In response to a letter from all three Thurston County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC), requesting that a parcel of land known as … more
Dear Editor, Most people, including me, do not have the courage to visit a homeless encampment. Yet, many complain about the presence of such sites. The recent photographs and reported … more
The wind practically blew me up an alley not far from the Capitol Building. As I walked, I noted two individuals ahead of me – one was standing, wrapped in a blanket; the other was slumped … more
As a community, we would expect the expenditure of the likely $500 million to scuttle Capitol Lake would improve water quality, reduce invasive species, improve salmon rearing and reduce aqueous … more
The Olympia community may be divided on the city’s goal of having electric vehicle (EV) facilities for every home (see related story), but there should be a unanimous consensus on … more
Your headline for the recent story about the Planning Commission's discussion of requirements for installing wiring during construction to prepare new buildings for adding EV chargers eventually is … more
Upon paying for my establishment’s annual health permit, I learned something frankly disturbing but not surprising: All Thurston County health permit renewals must be conducted by hand, … more
There are people who appreciate the wild, forested greenness of Washington State and there are those who see land as a resource to be exploited. There are those who work and live in harmony with … more
The Olympia School Board’s unanimous decision to appoint Talauna Reed to the board has sparked vocal hate cloaked in concern. Ms. Reed is the first African American board member and has … more
Dear JOLT Readers: According to an article in The Olympian, the Port of Olympia is dragging its feet on getting substantial public input for its next contract with Weyerhaeuser when it expires … more
In less than two weeks, the State will choose one of three sites they want to create an airport the size of SeaTac. A location near Rainier in Thurston County is one of them. The State … more
A mega airport in Thurston County?  Two locations (of several others) in Thurston County have been suggested by WSDOT and the Governor’s aviation expansion work group.  One between … more
To the Editor: Personal comment on the “balanced year”. We experienced this one time while stationed at Fort Knox, KY in a DoDEA [Department of Defense Education … more
To the City of Tumwater: We object to Port-Panattoni plans to build a megawarehouse in our neighborhood. Hundreds of comments representing thousands of Thurston County taxpayers have raised … more
To the Editor of the JOLT: The JOLT’s May 20th article, “Olympia committee seeks to legislate rent-increase notices, limit move-in costs” describes how the Olympia City Council … more
Thurston County Commissioners Mejia, Menser, and Edwards: The organizations listed below request that you protect the trees in Capitol State Forest, especially the Legacy Forests within Thurston … more
“Defund Police” is an offensive sound bite. Its appeal and widely proclaimed message nullifies the more important changes that are needed that lie beneath the motto. It turns people off … more
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