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Doves and pigeons are birds that, for the most part, can be found out in the open and sitting on wires. And they are good-sized – no squinting at tiny songbirds this week. The first bird to … more
Recently our family has undergone some changes. Not for the first time we, have added some new faces.  More stepchildren and significant others have joined our tribe. Other long-term members … more
Today, May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. The purpose of this day is to coordinate international events that raise awareness of LGBT rights violations and … more
Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve found it much harder to maintain a happy mood. And while is common for many new mothers, it has me contemplating. As I sit in my house and listen to the nearby … more
As I write this, it’s still chilly. There was frost this morning, the sun has been in and out between showers, and seeds I’ve planted are dawdling in the damp earth. I hope that by the … more
Last Saturday, following my own advice from last week’s column, a friend and I journeyed out to the prairies to see what we could see. It rained off and on (what a shock!) but it was a … more
I would have bet anything, that the North Thurston School District's flirtation with a "Balanced Calendar" would have resulted in a significant and major change in our local educational … more
Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Some mothers celebrated for the first time…others for their last. Some mothers spent time with their family. Some sat at home alone. Some … more
In my day job, I help nonprofits be more effective and sustainable. My areas of focus are working with nonprofit boards, developing effective leadership, and ensuring that the organization has a … more
This is a question that comes up in my life a surprising amount, and very few people have an answer. And while that may not seem problematic on the surface level, this question is at the heart of … more
Flower gardens have moments of perfection – sometimes even weeks of it – but no garden is perfect throughout the growing season. What blooms in spring fades quickly by the end of May. … more
 I've been playing in a monthly poker game for almost 50 years.  While we have  lost players and gained players, the purpose of the poker game is not often related to money  So … more
Thurston County has a rare habitat type that is underappreciated – prairies. These are native grasslands that, 200 years ago, stretched for scores of miles in the relatively flat central and … more
Tell us what you're gonna do tonight, mama. There must be someplace you can go In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama, There must be someone you know. God knows, you're lookin' … more
A few years ago, my work required me to visit the other Washington (DC) for meetings and conferences at least once a year. Every time I went, I tried to visit the Newseum, the museum dedicated to … more
Dear Readers, Weight has always been a challenge for me. I’ve tried a lot of different things, probably like a lot of people, but never found a method that I was able to stick with. I … more
All my gardening life I’ve marveled at the many oddly named plants. Who named them, and why? Jupiter’s Beard, for instance, is known as red valerian, kiss-me-quick, fox’s brush … more
With May Day just around the corner perhaps it’s time to put the day and date into some perspective. Many of us here in Thurston County think of May Day as the time young anarchists, mostly … more
I have written several times that it is not necessary to be able to identify bird species to enjoy watching and listening to them and having them as our neighbors. Yet, for some of you, identifying … more
It has been a while since I talked about fundraising for nonprofits.  You might think this is not the time of year for solicitations but, it is. Nonprofits need your love and funding all year, … more
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