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Since 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express, Kenneth Branagh has drastically changed the air from Agatha Christie’s Books and not for the better. Adding the unwarranted scenes in Turkey for … more
On Saturday, October 14, 2023, Masterworks Choral Ensemble brings autumn to Olympia with its Fall Festival performance at the  Washington Center for the Performing Arts .     As … more
Don’t worry, you are not forgetting what day it is, today is not Tuesday. There is just some critical news coming from the other Washington that is impacting nonprofits that I want you to know … more
Thomas Jefferson wrote that a well-informed electorate is a necessary precursor to a healthy democracy. One would think that today, with a proliferation of information “channels”, … more
I had an informative visit with Natalya Rubel a few days ago. Natalya is the CEO for ABOVE Home Health, located in Olympia and serving our surrounding counties. The acronym ‘ABOVE’ stands … more
The start of the school year often signals the start of the volunteer season as people return to their previous routines. However, due to the pandemic, some folks have not returned to their previous … more
I find this time of year and the change of seasons one for reflection. It is particularly poignant for me as this is the time to celebrate and reflect on a year closing and a new one beginning in my … more
Dear Lexis,   I lost 100 lbs over the last year, but I still look in the mirror and dislike what I see. What’s going on? I don’t get it. Dropping weight was supposed to fix this … more
Today is Democracy Day in the United States. News organizations across the country launched it to report more and better information about the crisis facing democracy in the United States. … more
The lawn is taking a beating these days. It’s accused of all manner of environmental crimes, starting with reducing biodiversity and sucking up excessive amounts of water. Mowing it with a … more
In response to my recent columns about migration, a reader asked how birders and ornithologists learn about bird migration. It’s all about watching for many hours over many years. Mostly, … more
Her name was Margarite – no last name necessary, thank you. She was 80 years of age when I met her and a Tai Chi Master. She taught in her front yard, across the street from where I lived, and … more
Family Support Center of South Sound provides families with children and survivors of domestic violence/sexual assault with coordinated supportive services to accomplish … more
With the DC Extended Universe being handed off to the newly formed DC Studio’s, the current lineup looks to be off to a rocky start due to combination of the Writer’s Guild Strike and the … more
Dear Lexis,   I read an article on this topic and was curious what you would say. Do you believe that Millennials are better parents than Boomers?   Curious in Lacey Dear … more
You can't go inside it, and you can't even walk around outside it. It’s a historic lighthouse, #93001339, on the National Historic Register of Historic Places , but still active in the US … more
Just when everything in local vegetable gardens was at a peak of bounty, trouble struck a friend’s tomato crop: The dreaded blossom end rot. That sent me on a little Google research expedition, … more
Driving by the intersection at Black Lake Boulevard and Highway 101 on any day between 9 and 10 a.m. in any season, rain or shine, hot or cold, you’ll very likely see a distinguished-looking, … more
The Who If you are familiar with Lions Clubs, you probably associate them with white cane days and guide dogs. By now you may have tasted the famous burgers served up from our Burger Den at Lake … more
Last week, I was browsing at the Olympia Timberland Library (full disclosure: I am a member of the Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees), and I noticed a display about Olympia Zine Fest. As … more
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