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In today’s context, “late bloomers” is not a reference to 40-year-old virgins, or to writers who publish their first novel at the age of 75. Gardeners are more literal. When … more
During my 40+ years of bird watching, I have seen several amazing recoveries in populations of prominent bird species that were in danger of extinction. For the most part, this recovery is the result … more
Exercise. Not my favorite word…and certainly not my favorite activity. With the exception of dancing, which I rarely get to do anymore, my favorite activity is reading, followed by … more
I know many people have a love/hate relationship with Amazon, but here is one way to use your purchases to help others. Recently, I received the following notification from … more
Dear Reader, There are moments when we all struggle with depression, and I wanted to take today to let you know that you matter. Your life is important, and you have the strength to get … more
We’re on the downhill slope of summer. We may still have some hot weather, but the signs of the coming change of season are everywhere: Unwatered grass has turned from green to gold. School … more
One thing I always emphasize: You don’t have to be able to name birds’ species to enjoy watching them. They are delightful, interesting neighbors. Given this, I wonder why many … more
Jill Severn, The JOLT’s Friday gardening columnist, is normally my ‘go-to person’ for gardening advice. She definitely saved my tomatoes this year when I was ready to plop them in … more
One of my fondest memories of summer is attending Shakespeare in the Park. These shows in Dallas usually started at 8 p.m. and by the end of the 2-hour show it had cooled down to 90 degrees! The … more
Dear Lexis, It feels like things haven’t been going my way for quite a while now. I’ve done what I can to remain positive, but the hits just keep coming. It feels like it’s just … more
There are many reasons not to garden: Your hands will get dirty and your fingernails will be a mess. It will make you sweaty and tired. Gardening requires tools, and practice using them. You … more
Spring’s dawn chorus has gone quiet. The birds’ eggs have hatched, and most of the young have fledged and are on their own. The season has changed, from breeding to migration. Some of … more
It was Election Day last week; living in the state capitol pretty much guarantees some politician, issue or outrage will be present at any given time. But there is another election that I will … more
If you are a regular reader of this column, you are aware that I track the 1500+ “National Days”. For instance, yesterday was International Cat Day (so give your kitty extra loving if … more
The better your aim, the better your life My husband and I recently decided to watch an After Skool video on Youtube featuring some of Jordan Peterson’s greatest lessons. Jordan has always … more
A walk in the neighborhood confirms that early August is the time when all our garden successes and shortcomings become obvious. This year it’s also been a week of reckoning about which … more
The more we know about hummingbirds, the more they amaze us. They are so different in body, size, and behavior from all other birds, and they’re willing to come right to our window feeder to … more
8/2/2022 Thurston County Board of County Commissioners, I’m coming before you today as a member and president of the Thurston County Deputy Sheriff Association. Our association is … more
Is it just me or is the summer flying by faster than usual? When I visit with folks about supporting nonprofits, everyone assumes that money is the primary need for most nonprofits. While … more
Wow! Another record bites the dust – six consecutive days of 90+ degrees of heat. My family is one of the lucky ones with air conditioning. That being said it was still hot – particularly … more
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