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Dear Reader,  My husband and I have been looking for an apartment for what seems like forever. Recently we found ourselves in the unfortunate position of being scammed. Thankfully we figured … more
I have friends who can identify the make, model and year of every car and truck that passes by. They pay attention to every taillight design, every difference in body shape and wheel size, and every … more
January 27, 2022 I am writing on behalf of the Roundtable of Thurston County to express our support and endorsement for the four Thurston County public school replacement technology and capital … more
For what it’s worth Mental health? Addiction? What do we need in Thurston County? Anyone who walks around downtown is aware of the walking wounded that inhabit many … more
I write in praise of a carbon fee and dividend. Congress could enact it, and so could our legislature. The fee, collected at the mine, wellhead, or port of international entry, raises the price of … more
I don’t know about you but I’m done. I am done with the snow, the cold and the fog. And most of all, I am done with COVID dictating what, where and when I can safely do things. I am done … more
There has been a lot of media coverage about the “Great Resignation” – individuals deciding to leave their jobs to pursue new, often diverse, careers. (I myself have contemplated … more
 Dear Lexis,  My husband and I get along well enough, but lately, I’ve been wondering why, after years of marriage, our perspectives still differ so significantly. It can be quite … more
Slowly but surely, the natural world is waking up. The chickens are getting up a little earlier and roosting a little later. Even the Americauna, who typically takes the whole winter off, laid one … more
What’s your favorite rest stop on Interstate 5? Let me guess; you probably don’t have one. In fact, unless you’re a long-haul trucker or commuter, you will never have a good … more
Grandmothers get a lot of press, publicity and praise. Grandfathers, not so much. So today, I want to acknowledge the men who partner with the grandmothers to make the lives of grandchildren so … more
Blackdog Foundation - https://blackdogfoundation.org/ SafePlace - https://www.safeplaceolympia.org/ Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason & Thurston Counties - http://caclmt.org/ Our … more
Dear Lexis, It’s been a few months since I gave birth, but lately, I’ve noticed my mood getting worse. I think it might be a mild form of postpartum depression. Do you have any … more
In his book Inside Plants, A Gardeners’ Guide to Plant Anatomy and Physiology, local author Gary A. Ritchie, Ph.D., begins at the beginning. The earth, he notes, is estimated to be 4.54 … more
To the Editor:  A letter was sent to Port Commissioners on January 7, 2022 that calls for an investigation of the conflict of interest by recently-elected Port Commissioner Amy Evans.  A … more
I stopped by the Olympia Senior Center on Monday to attend the first Low-Vision Support Group meeting since 2019. Facilitated by Resource Advocate Program Manager, Martha Worcester, this group met … more
To the Editor: Recently, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of the environmental issues have moved out of the 24-hour news cycle and out of the public consciousness. One of … more
Greetings! First, a bit of an explanation. When I initially agreed to write this column, I intended it to be similar to a column that I ghost-wrote for The Dallas Morning News, featuring … more
Dear Lexis,  What is the purpose of life? Thanks,            ~ Curious in Lacey  Dear Curious in Lacey, This is a challenging question, but one … more
Once, ages ago, I was a guest on a radio talk show in Vancouver, B. C., and a caller asked if he could grow tomatoes on his apartment balcony. I asked him what direction his balcony faced. He … more
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