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This time around, the elections brought back a flood of memories of a time I hoped would not be repeated in my lifetime. Unfortunately, this was not to be. Like the lyrics above, from a popular … more
Most people are aware that the last quarter of the year is the most profitable time for retailers. However, most are unaware that the last quarter of the year, especially December, is the busiest … more
Dear Lexis, What do you think is the top thing that holds people back? Thanks, Curious in Lacey Dear Curious, The number one thing that holds people back is the belief in lack. Lack is … more
It’s cold and wet, the sky is dark, and I’m in no mood to even think about gardening. We went from endless sunlit summer to sudden chill and gloom, and the forecast for next week … more
Ducks are found worldwide, and because they are excellent flyers, they often migrate long distances between their summer breeding territories and wintering grounds. During the winter, we in southern … more
A couple weeks ago I found myself parked next to Lacey Shoe, a business I had given up trying to find. I decided to ask if they could fix the favorite aging boots I was wearing that day. Upon … more
What good is sitting all alone in your room? Come hear the music … more
There is an issue on the ballot next week that is little talked about: that of moving the Port of Olympia from three to five Commissioners. This could be because there is little perspective to base a … more
Welcome to November! Someone said this morning that the end of Halloween ushers the start of the holiday season. I agree with that, but it also ushers in the busiest season for our nonprofit … more
This was the last week the sunset after 6 P.M. and the first week of genuine, normal rain. We have rediscovered the sweaters in our dressers, the fleece in our closets, and the slugs in our … more
Three species of mergansers are fairly common in Thurston County. These are fish-eating diving ducks with long thin bills with a, hooked tip and saw-tooth edges (hence their old-fashioned name, … more
Waving, in my humble opinion, is a method of communication that deserves more recognition than it currently receives. Babies use waving as one of the first of many methods to communicate. A simple … more
Trick or Treat? The trick is that can you believe October is almost over?! This has been the fastest month this year. The treat, of course, is that Halloween is next Monday, so the column this week … more
Dear Lexis, My grandfather died a few years back and I remember him talking about all the regrets he had with life. It didn’t register at the time, but now that I’m older, I’ve … more
A friend brought me a pamphlet called “Gardening and Direct Ecological Action,” published by the Vangardeners, an offshoot of the Olympia Assembly. They advocate “guerrilla … more
Fall and winter in our home territory is the very best time to watch waterfowl. The tall grass has died back, and all the wetlands are full (hopefully, eventually). Waterfowl are the swans, geese, … more
I might have mentioned before that my all-time favorite holiday is one that most people probably are not aware of. National Random Acts of Kindness is celebrated every February 17. It originated … more
This weekend we were warned of poor air quality due to forest fire smoke migrating to us from fires in the eastern parts of the state. What can we do about it? We 'can't stop it, but we do have … more
Have you ever wanted to ‘make a difference? Well, you get that opportunity every year! Make a Difference Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October, which is this next Saturday, … more
Hey Lexis, What are your thoughts on coaches? Are they worth the cost? Thanks, Looking in Tumwater   Dear Looking, I believe there is the potential for value in a coach, but it … more
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