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I have written several times that it is not necessary to be able to identify bird species to enjoy watching and listening to them and having them as our neighbors. Yet, for some of you, identifying … more
Musings Comedian Rodney Dangerfield used to start his routine with the line, “I get no respect.” He could easily have been speaking about old people. It certainly fits, but no one is … more
It has been a while since I talked about fundraising for nonprofits.  You might think this is not the time of year for solicitations but, it is. Nonprofits need your love and funding all year, … more
I recently had the pleasure of hearing Program Manager Rebecca Hutchinson speak about the newly revived Home Share Program, offered by Senior Services for South Sound. Before the pandemic, this … more
Dear Lexis, The world seems to be full of bad people. I feel like I'm surrounded by greedy, selfish people who make it their life's mission to ruin my life. You seem to have the opposite opinion … more
A very eager gardener wants to know whether it’s time to plant tomatoes yet. No! Don’t even think about tomatoes. Just because it’s not snowing, hailing or freezing this week … more
Warblers are smallish insect-eating songbirds that inhabit various areas in Thurston County. They are very active and all about the same size and shape. Not surprisingly, they are known for and often … more
When I was a kid, one of my favorite television programs was Queen for a Day. It was a precursor for the reality shows so many are hooked on today. Between radio and television, the show ran for … more
What a week! I could be writing about Easter, Passover, and Ramadan (hope you had a blessed holiday). Or about Earth Day and all the local environmental nonprofits (there are lots of events this … more
Dear Lexis, I have some goals that I would like to accomplish but, lately, I find myself unable to move forward in any given direction.   Every day I try to motivate myself to put in … more
Jill Severn’s Gardening Column The Art of Weeding By Jill Severn Occasionally someone will say they can’t weed their garden because “I can’t tell which is a weed and … more
In last week’s column I mentioned that April is a great month for bird watching, but it is also a great month for bird listening. With the start of breeding season, many of our birds greet the … more
I have always felt a special connection to trees. I have no idea why. I just know that when I am in the presence of a tree, I feel a wave of calm come over me. If I am sad, I feel uplifted. If I … more
I know the news can be a bit grim but as I look around, I still find many things that inspire me…The trees and flowers showing off their Spring best….the start of long warm sunny … more
Dear Lexis, I find myself overwhelmed by life. Things just seem to keep going wrong and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. I know that a lot of people wind up feeling this way and … more
While noodling around on Google, I came across a novel way to prevent cabbage moths from eating the leaves of all the brassicas – that is, vegetables including broccoli, collard greens, … more
I recently read an interesting article in The Atlantic titled "Why People Are Acting So Weird," by Olga Khazan. She writes, “crime, ‘unruly passenger’ incidents, and other types … more
Knowing I’m interested in birds, people occasionally ask me to advise them on how to get started in bird watching. And I usually answer, “just walk around your neighborhood and pay … more
Full disclosure: I recently was appointed to the Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees. I have worked in and with libraries for twenty years, (although I am not a librarian). Our firstborn is … more
Dear Lexis, I started dating a guy five years back, and after a while, I realized that he has a drinking problem. By the time I discovered the issue though, I was already in too deep. When he told … more
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