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Okay, I get it. The city wants to incentivize the building of housing into specific areas, such as downtown or near the Capital Mall. How do the city council do it? They identify areas to improve … more
Welcome to July! I hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday with plenty of fireworks - if you like them, (strangely our dogs were not bothered by the loud noises as long as there was someone petting … more
I own a small commercial property in downtown Olympia, a short walk from the port peninsula's Marine Terminal (what most of us call "the port"). Needless to say, over the years, I've taken a keen … more
Please indulge me as I present a most unusual view of Thurston County. Shown in the photo, it's a view from 40 miles away, about 2,500 feet high on a mountain in the Olympics.  I was there in … more
Dear Lexis,  My son says he wants to be left alone and he avoids family time like it’s the plague. We would still like him to participate in family events, but right now it just feels … more
On June 22, Governor Jay Inslee introduced a new pollinator garden on the East Capitol Campus, which he said is “the first pollinator garden on a capitol campus in our nation’s … more
Most people know more about birds than they realize. That is true about the woodpeckers, even if all you can bring to mind are old Woody Woodpecker cartoons. The first thing, of course, is that these … more
Ready for some fireworks? For more than 50 years, the City of Lacey has celebrated Independence Day a day early. Sunday, July 3rd from 3:00 – 11:00 pm at Rainier Vista Community Park, enjoy … more
Dear Lexis,  My daughter has been exhibiting some questionable behavior lately and I think it has to do with the people she hangs out with. She’s always been something of a people … more
Here comes the sun – but apparently only for a few days, so get it while it’s hot. Forecasters are predicting a cooler than normal July. Will they be right? And what about August and … more
Jays and crows, members of the Corvid Family, are among our most common birds. Most are not all that colorful, and males and females look alike. But they all have interesting stories to … more
I think it is about time we discuss how the older generation outwits the younger folks. I hesitated to share this information because I didn’t want to give away all our secrets, but then I … more
Happy Summer Solstice! Summer is finally here, and it appears at least for now the weather is cooperating with the season. Also, Namaste to all my fellow Yogis who are celebrating International … more
By Clyde W. Ford / Crosscut.com On April 9, Washington joined a handful of other states in recognizing June 19, known as Juneteenth, as an official paid state holiday. The bill passed on a … more
Dear Lexis,  My granddaughter is getting married. To another girl. And while I know this is a fairly common thing at this point, I do not support this kind of relationship. Still, I love my … more
Gary Ritchie, PhD, the author of Inside Plants, has written a Thurston County Historical Journal issue on the history of the ground on which we garden. It is a fantastic tale. If not for all the … more
There are three fairly common blue birds in our county, Steller’s Jays, Scrub-Jays, and Western Bluebirds. This week we’re focusing on the Western Bluebirds, which are smaller and the … more
An article in the recent issue of Grand Magazine addressed leaving a legacy for our loved ones. Actually, two legacies, each in in the form of wills; one dealing with your material and monetary … more
You probably are aware that today is Flag Day. (If not go here for your history lesson!) But did you know that today is also World Blood Donor Day? According to the World Health Organization, … more
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