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Swallows – those amazing aerial acrobats – are back in town, and birds both large and small are carrying nesting materials in their beaks as they fly overhead. Trillums are blooming at … more
Now that the dust has settled from this year's legislative session I want to say how pleased I am with how they dealt with the conflicts that arose from HB 1310 which passed last year.  As … more
I had lunch and delightful conversation the other day with a friend and one of the things that popped up was the amount of time I spend inside my head. This is nothing new. My mother used to get … more
You might have noticed that I like to make this column timely. Sometimes, I write about a nonprofit in the area that is in the news, other times I write about a topic that I think is relevant, and … more
Dear Lexis, I find myself angry all the time. I've tried meditation, thought control, and any number of other actions but none seem to produce many results. I find myself at the mercy of my … more
Consider the humble dandelions: Toddlers pick them and proudly give them as gifts. Five-year-olds have contests to see who can find the biggest one. Dandelions’ bright yellow flowers are among … more
Well, the world has run amuck again. A new war raging overseas will ultimately impact everyone in some form. Gas prices, food shortages, homes and lives lost – the list goes on and on. We … more
Sunday marked the first day of Spring. Already I am anxious to get dirt under my fingernails; however, I am being careful not to make the same mistake as I did when we first moved here. (I planted … more
Dear Reader, Given the feedback I received on my column dated February 28, I saw an opportunity to provide some clarity on an important issue: the difference between empathy, sympathy, and … more
Last Saturday morning, I spent a blissful half hour sitting on my front porch drinking coffee, under a bright blue sky and the sun warming my face. But by 4 p.m., the sky had turned gray and the rain … more
Ordinarily, I am not one to indulge in doom and gloom. Thankfully the COVID pandemic has receded, masks are now, for the most part, optional, and the flu season has abated. Some things, however, … more
I’m writing today’s column from a hospital as I wait for a friend who is having a procedure done. Sitting here, I note that the receptionist answering phone calls and questions from … more
Dear Reader, I recently read the comments on my recent posts, namely the article referencing the war in Ukraine. I was surprised by the reactions, although perhaps I shouldn’t have … more
It’s my birthday month. I only take a week of it because seven other members of my family celebrate birthdays this month and three of them are in the same week. Sucks to be them. So, as I … more
Growing up, I attended an all-girls grade school and high school (I know, that explains a lot!). I recall one day we had a guest speaker. I remember the teachers were excited, so I thought this … more
Dear Lexis, I find myself depressed lately. I look at the lives of all my friends, and while I feel like I have most of the same things, for some reason, I just can’t seem to find the joy … more
A couple of weeks ago I ordered a hard to find variety of meadow rue from Breck’s website. Soon after, a Breck’s flower catalogue appeared in my mailbox, and the next hour was taken up by … more
“One Family” and “One World”    The millions of people who watched the ending ceremony of the winter Olympics’ saw a magnificent fireworks show when at the … more
Then…  Years ago, when I was  working with seniors doing in-home assessments, family members would often be present. The senior might or might not have been living with their … more
We have all seen what a mess our roads are, full of garbage, an absolute nightmare.  How did we get here?  And what is being done about it?   We certainly can’t leave the … more
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