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It's local election season, and we're all trying to figure out who to vote for and support.  Local elections are, in many ways, the most important elections. Our local governments have the … more
All this rain has made the grass green again, and my Seven Son tree was so pleased it unfurled a few new leaves even while the rest were starting to change color. Between downpours, it’s been … more
I usually start my day with television news. I pay attention to the weather and traffic reports and pretty much ignore the rest. Today I paid attention to the entire show and here is what I learned: … more
Dear Lexis, My dad and I have had a challenging relationship for my entire life. I've been trying to improve things for years but it doesn't seem to get any better. Do you have any advice about … more
This week brought a lesson in the difference between a home vegetable garden and the vast enterprise of farming. This lesson came to mind as a friend and I traveled through the Yakima Valley and … more
This week come with me to explore an organization I’ve heard about over the years but never knew very much about. Soroptimist International is a global volunteer movement working to … more
Dear Lexis, My husband recently lost his job and I find myself worried about our financial situation. We have enough savings to get by for a while but I still find myself constantly worried. What … more
Is the proliferation of backyard honeybee hives resulting in declines in native wild bees? Do honeybees compete with natives for nectar and pollen? Do they spread diseases? Alert reader Nancy … more
Life is full of ironies. While many of us complain about staying at home, others may be desperately seeking help to do exactly that. Rebekah Graham is the Program Coordinator for Catholic … more
Dear Lexis, I feel like I’m doing everything right but nothing is changing. I’ve been utilizing affirmations, meditating, and doing what I can to monitor and change … more
Fall is a good time to plant trees. Rain and cool weather will help them make a gentle transition from pot to earth, and by spring their roots will be established and ready for action. But … more
Last Sunday, Sept. 10, was National Grandparents Day – a time to celebrate with your loved ones and family, real and adopted. Grandparents Day has been a National Holiday since 1979 but many … more
It certainly has gotten nasty with the bizarre and violent protests we’ve been getting in Olympia, not only last week but for a while now.   To be clear, I’m not referring to … more
Dear Lexis, You talk about changing your beliefs to change your life, but what if it isn’t possible to change your beliefs, or change yourself? I’ve tried to change and it … more
It’s time to think about fall planting – not to do it just yet, but time to plan ahead for it. In the garden, as in so many other areas of human life, planning ahead prevents a lot of … more
Seclusion. Isolation. Quarantine. Words that all mean pretty much the same thing in the long run – stuck at home. My family has gone through a lot of this recently. It started at my home … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been working toward weight loss all my life but I don’t seem to get anywhere. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Now I’m at the point where I … more
For people who live in apartments, duplexes, tiny houses or houses with tiny yards, community gardens are the 21st century’s version of a micro homestead – one that usually comes with … more
This week I’d like to introduce you to the many Lions Clubs serving the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino and Yelm communities. Once a month until we run out, I will introduce you to other … more
This week’s changeable weather sure felt like the end of summer, regardless of what the calendar says. (It says fall begins on September 22.) But there may be a brief summer sequel or … more
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