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An article in the recent issue of Grand Magazine addressed leaving a legacy for our loved ones. Actually, two legacies, each in in the form of wills; one dealing with your material and monetary … more
You probably are aware that today is Flag Day. (If not go here for your history lesson!) But did you know that today is also World Blood Donor Day? According to the World Health Organization, … more
Dear Lexis, I have a family member who views herself as an activist. She attends the political rallies, walks on behalf of those she views as oppressed, and stands behind the "little guy" in any … more
It’s been a difficult spring in the garden. It’s been so wet, plants that usually get powdery mildew in mid-August were afflicted in May. Ditto rust, and apparently every other fungus … more
The Swainson’s Thrush is a migratory species that winters from southern Mexico south into South America. They typically return and begin to sing the first week of June. This song is one of my … more
A few weeks ago, I suggested to my daughter and son-in-law that we might enjoy watching the Gaslit series, a show about the indomitable Martha Mitchell and the Watergate Saga. “Sure,” … more
Summer is finally here! Okay, maybe just for today. As I write this column it is sunny and the high will be 74 degrees however rain is forecasted (again!) for the weekend. I’ll happily take 74; … more
I wanted to take a little detour from the norm and ask for your opinions on something this week. A family member of mine recently became non-gendered. And while I’m generally happy to comply … more
Some days, I am struck by wanderlust. I leave the floor un-swept, a book half-read, the laundry sitting in its basket, and walk out the door. Whitney Gardens and Nursery A friend triggered this … more
Everyone loves chickadees. They’re handsome, active little birds and readily visit bird feeders in the winter. And they sing their name, “chick-a-dee, dee, dee” as if introducing … more
The other day my soon-to-be four-year-old great-grandchild announced she was not proud to be an American. Not old enough to understand what she was saying, of course,  but parroting words she … more
If you missed my special column last Friday, I offered some ways for you to support the families in Uvalde, Texas. (Read the column and get the list here!) Nonprofit Designations You might … more
Dear Lexis: I started a new job as a delivery driver recently and on my first day, I noticed some words and images rubbed into the dirt on the side of the delivery vehicle. While seemingly … more
After such a slow-moving, chilly spring, it’s suddenly time to do everything. We can finally plant tomatoes and other warm-weather vegetables.  We need to replant seeds that didn’t … more
If you regularly read this column, you know that I am from Texas. While I spent most of my time 400 miles from Uvalde, the tragedy in that town affects me deeply; I am sure that it impacts you, … more
Flycatchers are a family of birds that are fairly common but not well-known. With a little information and willingness to look and listen, you can find and identify several species of … more
Recently some of my family members spent some time in Cabo San Jose, a resort town at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California. I, who did not, received daily updates and photos of exotic … more
May is not yet over, so there's still time to recognize that May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. In 2009 the name of this observance officially changed from Asian/Pacific … more
 Dear Lexis,  People always tell me that I should stand up for myself more, but whenever I try to do that, people say I’m being mean. I don’t know what to do; I can’t … more
A startling image appeared on TV news last week: in the foreground a patch of brilliant red tulips bloomed; just behind them a Ukrainian house lay in ruins. In the aftermath of brutal violence, the … more
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