Sheriff’s Office seeking suspect involved in identity theft, multiple crimes

Also sought by Kittitas County for multiple vehicle prowls


The Thurston County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) is reaching out to the public for any information regarding a woman suspected of multiple crimes in Thurston County and Kittitas County.

TCSO shared on their social media a report from Kittitas County's social media post about the said woman who was caught on CCTV footage using credit cards she allegedly stole, committing identity theft.

TCSO divulged that the same woman is also allegedly involved in several crimes in Thurston County and is seeking public information about the identity of the suspect or incidents involving her.

In Kittitas County, the suspect is believed to be involved in a series of vehicle prowls on January 29 at Snoqualmie Pass.

A victim approached law enforcement and stated that the woman in the photo authorities shared bears a striking resemblance to the individual who allegedly prowled their vehicle in Olympia on January 14.

In that incident, the suspect allegedly stole a purse and credit cards, subsequently using them for identity theft in Long Beach and Ocean Park.

The victim of the Olympia incident shared a bank security camera image, hoping to assist law enforcement in identifying the suspect.

TSCO estimates the suspect's actions have resulted in “damage and thefts in the thousands of dollars.”

Additionally, the suspect is believed to have ties to the southwest corner of Washington State.

TCSO would like anyone with pertinent information to come forward and contact Detective Rassi via email.

Another security camera capture of the suspect.
Another security camera capture of the suspect.


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  • SecondOtter this day and age of digital cameras, too many times, it seems as if stores and other businesses are still using VHS tapes as security cameras.

    THis photo if EXCELLENT and I hope it results in a quick arrest and time behind bars. Identify theft is such a damaging crime and too often the thief gets off with a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile the victims face months and months of problems, both financial and social.

    Saturday, February 10 Report this