Police Blotter for Friday, December 1, 2023


Lacey Police Department

On 12/1/23 at 4:35 AM in the 400 block of College Street SE, police arrested Hannah Jane Morgan, 24, on suspicion of a misdemeanor warrant.

On 12/1/23 at 9:55 AM in the 5100 block of Yelm Highway SE, police arrested Mark Steven Ask, 59, on suspicion of 1st degree trespassing.

Olympia Police Department

On 12/1/23 at 3:04 AM in the 3700 block of Martin Way E, police arrested Geiger Rene Geiger, 23, on suspicions of 1) out-of-town felony warrant, 2) misdemeanor warrant, and 3) theft all other locations.

On 12/1/23 at 9:27 AM in the 600 block of Capitol Way S, police arrested Jeremy T. Arndt, 48, on suspicion of possession of controlled substance synthetic.

On 12/1/23 at 4:29 PM in the 600 block of Black Lake Boulevard SW, police arrested Alannah Erin Brooks, 32, on suspicions of 1) disorderly conduct, and 2) criminal trespass.

On 12/1/23 at 11:58 PM in the 3500 block of Pacific Avenue SE, police arrested Denny Lynn Saunders, 44, on suspicion of an out-of-town felony warrant.

Yelm Police Department

On 12/1/23 at 4:11 PM in the 400 block of Yelm Avenue E, police arrested John Benjamin Casavant, 37, on suspicions of 1) theft from a motor vehicle, and 2) malicious mischief.

An arrest does not mean a person is guilty of the crime of which they are accused. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.


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