Early primary election results show some clear winners


Primary elections were held throughout Washington on Tuesday, August 2, and results for many Thurston County races appear to be settled.

That’s because we have a “Top Two” system for determining which candidates will appear on General Election ballots.

The Thurston County Auditor’s office reported that they’ve counted 40,123 ballots as of 8 p.m. on Tuesday, which represents 20.61% of registered voters.  Auditor Mary Hall told The JOLT that “typically 50% of ballots come in on Election Day and after,” suggesting that there might be another 40,000 votes to be counted over the next two days.

Further, the Hall said that the pattern is for “Democrats vote early; the GOP tends to vote late,” which is why some ballot results shift from Election Day reporting to the final reporting, expected to be completed this Thursday.

Contested races

From Thurston County ballots only, early reporting shows the likely Top Two Candidates in the following races:

Legislative District 22 State Representative Position 1

Beth Doglio (Democrat)   10,807 votes / 52.01%

Loretta Byrnes (Republican) 4,012 votes / 19.31%

Legislative District 22 State Representative Position 2

Jessica Bateman (Democrat)  13,011 votes / 62.86%

Kate Plager (Republican) 6,291 votes / 30.4%

Legislative District 35  State Senator (multi-county race)

Julianne Gale  (Democrat) 5,193 votes / 51.04%

Drew C. MacEwen (Republican) 4,977 votes / 48.91%

Legislative District 35 State Representative Position 1

James DeHart (Democrat)  4,861 votes / 48.21%

Daniel Griffey (Republican)  5,214 votes / 51,72%

Legislative District 35 State Representative Position 2

Sandy Kaiser (Democrat)  5,236 votes / 51.72%

Travis Couture (Republican)  2,156 votes / 21.3%

Tiffany Sevruk (Republican)  1,443 votes / 14.25%

Patti Case (Republican)   1,282 votes / 12.66%

Thurston County Assessor

Dave Kolar (Independent)  14,552 votes  / 38.34%

Steven J. Drew (Democrat)  23,246 votes / 61.25%

Thurston County Auditor

Sal Militello (Republican)  13,752 votes  / 35.25%

Mary Hall  (Democrat)   25,209 votes  / 64.61%

Thurston County Clerk

Tonya Moore  (Democrat)  12,943 votes / 39.25%

Linda Enlow (Democrat)  18,941 votes / 57.45%

Thurston County Commissioner

Tye Menser (Democrat)  7,957 votes / 58.68%

Vivian Kay Eason (Republican)  5,583 votes / 41.17%

Thurston County Sheriff

Derek Sanders (Independent)  19,133 votes / 51.45%

John D. Snaza (Independent) 17,802 votes / 47.88%

Thurston County Treasurer

Jeff Curry (no party preference)  11,649 votes / 31.36%

Jeff Gadman (Democrat)  25,249 votes / 67.97%

Countywide results

Click this link to see the most recent countywide election results, including those for uncontested races, fire tax levies and precinct committee officers. 

Statewide Results

Click this link to see the most recent statewide election results, which will include U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and other counties' races.


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