Check your mail: Voter's Pamphlets are on their way

Including: What happens when you crash your SUV into a ballot drop box?


Thurston County’s official list of candidates for the primary election on August 2 is arriving now in mailboxes all over the county.

Included: a message from Chief Deputy Auditor Diana Benson reassuring voters of the security of ballot drop boxes.

“The day before the 2019 Primary Election, someone drove their SUV into one of our ballot drop boxes,” explained Benson. “The SUV was totaled. But the box was not damaged, just knocked over.”

“It was not surprising to me because these boxes are constructed with ¼ inch stainless steel,” commented Benson.

According to the 76-page pamphlet, the state currently has 17 candidates for the U.S. Senate this election, with five preferring the Republican party, six Democrats and six stating either opting to be independent, having another party, or having no preference at all.

U.S. District 3, which is mostly south of Thurston County, has nine prospects for the United States Congress: five Republicans, two Democrats and two vying for neither.

U.S. District 10, which covers most of Thurston and Pierce Counties, has five candidates for US Congress, including one affiliated with the “Congress Sucks Party.” Two chose the elephant, the other two chose the donkey.

Eight candidates are vying for Secretary of State with four identifying as Republican, two as Democrat, and two choosing other affiliations.

State Legislative District No. 2’s first position candidate is running unopposed while there are two prospects for the second position. District No. 19 has two hopefuls for the first seat, one from each side of the aisle; and three for the second seat.

State Legislative District No. 20’s two seats have unchallenged candidates for Representative.

Legislative District No. 22, State Representative Position 1: Six candidates.  District 22 Position 2 has three candidates. Its senator was elected two years ago on a four-year term.

Legislative District No. 35: Two candidates are running for the Senate.  Two candidates are running for House Position 1, four for Position 2.

The county has two candidates running for District 3’s commissioner, along with vacancies for assessor, auditor, clerk, prosecuting attorney, sheriff, treasurer and coroner.

Voters in some districts will be invited to vote on issues as well as candidates.


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