Vehicle-prowl suspect ticketed and released into eastside neighborhood


Olympia police were called to a location near Lions Park to investigate an unrelated issue and discovered a man prowling a nearby vehicle just past midnight on Sat., Sept. 4.

Logan Turner, 24, transient of Olympia, was noticed by a passing Olympia police officer allegedly leaning into the passenger side of a silver Ford F150. The officer noted that the vehicle’s glove box was open and Turner was peering into it.

The officer turned his vehicle around and drove up next to the silver truck. When Turner noticed the officer he reportedly said “Hi.”

When asked if it was Turner’s truck, he said “No.”

Asked if he was prowling the truck, Turner reportedly admitted to the officer, “Honestly, yes.”

Turner reportedly had taken a flashlight from the vehicle and handed it to the officer.

Turner was issued a criminal citation for vehicle prowl and then released at the scene.


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Jason S

Did the officer leave a note or otherwise notify the owner of the truck that his vehicle had been prowled? If it were me then I would want to know. Not only might an owner be alerted to the need to lock the vehicle at all times, but they could also check to make sure nothing was missing. After all, just because this guy admitted to stealing a flashlight and handed it back doesn't mean he didn't grab something else and leave it in his pocket.

Friday, September 10