Tumwater offering road safety workshops to 55+, get an insurance discount


Tumwater is inviting drivers aged 55 and up to an online road safety workshops.

“Join us for an interactive workshop covering topics such as texting, driving in bad weather, handling emergencies, freeways, what to do in case of a collision, and more,” the city announced in its social media post.

The workshop’s website said that it would feature Gerry Apple, who has “52 years of experience,” to discuss topics such as texting, driving in bad weather, handling emergencies, freeways, stop positions, reference points, and what to do in case of a collision, among others.

The workshops will also have guest speakers from the Washington State Patrol and Operation Lifesaver (Railroad Safety) will also be in

There will be two available sessions, slated on Tuesday, February 20, and Tuesday, March 19, each costing $20 to attend.

“Workshop attendees will receive a certificate that applies a 5 % - 10% discount on their auto insurance over a two-year period,” the city announced.

Interested community members can register here or contact the city’s arks & Recreation Department at (360) 754-4160 for more details.


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  • jimLacey

    Those topics listed seem like things new drivers need to learn. Most of us seniors have decades of experience handling weather, traffic, emergencies etc. I'd be more interested in learning how to deal with the decreased reaction time, changes in vison for seniors (especially at night).

    Wednesday, February 7 Report this

  • SecondOtter

    This state no longer requires driver's training in order to get a license. If you're over 18, you can get a license to drive.

    And while I admit that as we age, our reaction times slow, but also, we're not STUPID when we get behind the wheel. We don't run red lights, we don't run stop signs, we obey a Yield sign, we don't ignore speed limits, we slow down when we see a yellow warning sign pointing out a tight curve. We don't black out our windows so that no one can see past us. We don't pull out in front of someone who has the Right of Way, we learned to turn only when the way is clear.

    All these transgressions are done by done by teenagers, twenty somethings, even early thirties. At least once a day, as I drive, I see someone doing something like the above. And there is NO law enforcement whatsoever. Granted, the cops have a lot better things to do, but it's infuriating when you see some punk run a red light and a Tumwater Police officer in his car watches it happen and does nothing.

    Or worse, a punk thief gets caught with a stolen car...and is released back onto the street by a judge, sometimes faster than the cop has finished writing his report.

    There's a reason insurance companies charge young people more money for the coverage...IF THEY HAVE IT...it's because the 'kids' grew up playing Grand Theft Auto and think it's really really cool to beat out us old troglodytes on the road.

    I think this class is a good idea, but I also think the Dept of Licensing should make it far more difficult to get a license if you can't prove that you've had training.

    Thursday, February 8 Report this

  • SecondOtter

    By the way, I'm 70.

    Thursday, February 8 Report this