Tumwater mulls tweaking municipal code


The Tumwater General Government Committee reviewed the proposed amendments for the Tumwater Municipal Code (TMC) prior to submitting them to the City Council.

During yesterday’s meeting, Tumwater Planning Manager Brad Medrud discussed the proposed amendments as well as the review process for this year.

“These amendments are intended only to make very mild corrections throughout our established regulations,” said Medrud.

Medrud said the Planning Commission has been gathering information for the proposed minor housekeeping amendments to be considered this year.

“We have not gone through the amendments process in the past couple of years because of staffing issues, but we’re aiming to get through it this year,” explained Medrud.

Accessory dwelling units

One of the notable proposed amendments addresses accessory dwelling unit primary entrance regulations. As per the existing guidelines (TMC 18.42.010), an accessory dwelling unit entrance shall be designed to maintain the appearance of the main building of the single-family residence. The proposed amendment would change this from a requirement to an option.

Other topics covered by the proposed amendments are:

  • Adult Family Homes/Residential Care Facilities
  • Bicycle Storage
  • Capitol Boulevard Community – Multifamily Parking Requirements
  • Car Washes
  • Impound Yards
  • Mixed Use Overlay
  • Nonconforming Signs
  • Optometry Clinics
  • Personal and Professional Services
  • Public Building Signs
  • Residential
  • Mechanical Equipment in Setbacks
  • Residential Storage Sheds – Gravel Access and
  • Subdivision Dedication Code Language Update.

Most of the amendments are just minor tweaks in term usage. For example, the personal and professional services would be “personal services” and “professional services” for consistency and understanding.

Medrud said once the City Council approves the contents of the final docket of the code amendments, staff will prepare an ordinance for consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council in the fall of 2022.

A public hearing on the proposed amendments is expected on October 11, 2022.


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