Tumwater man admits to walking into neighbor’s house, stealing soundbar

Tells police he ‘just wanted it’


A Tumwater man was arrested after admitting to walking into a neighbor’s house when they weren’t around and stealing a soundbar.

Michael Anthony Escobar, 30, was arrested on May 29 after a reported burglary in an apartment complex on the 5700 block of Linderson Way SW.

The property manager told police that someone was moving items out of Apartment 1 and bringing them to Apartment 3. She said they tried calling the occupant of Apartment 1 but did not receive a response.

An officer noted that there were various items, including a blanket, on the ground in front of Apartment 1.

Police contacted the occupants of Apartment 3 and were greeted by a man later identified as Escobar. A woman also came out the front door.

The suspect said he entered Apartment 1 through the back door, which was open at the time, to check in on the occupants and make sure they were okay. He said he did not find anyone inside the apartment.

Police noted that the occupant of Apartment 1 is known to have mental health issues.

According to Tumwater police, Escobar said he walked around the apartment’s living room and the bedrooms, where he saw a Vizio soundbar worth $150.

The suspect told the police that he grabbed the soundbar, went out of Apartment 1’s front door, and returned to his own unit.

Escobar told police that when he saw the soundbar, he “just wanted it” and was being “greedy,” adding that he planned on selling it to make money. The suspect also responded, “I did, yeah,” when asked whether he took the soundbar.

Police said the suspect “stated that he was really sorry that he did it.”

Escobar was booked into the Thurston County Jail for residential burglary. The soundbar was surrendered to police by Escobar’s female companion. Officers were unable to reach the tenant of Apartment 1.


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