Tumwater Hill Park now connected to Crosby Boulevard


A trail connecting Tumwater Hill Park and Crosby Boulevard has been completed, according to the city’s public works committee on Thursday, January 19.

The trail is around 1,200 feet long and features several switchbacks or winding roads to help park visitors ascend the hill. There is also a resting stop halfway up the trail. Beyond linking the park to Crosby Boulevard, the trail system makes Tumwater Hill Elementary School more accessible to surrounding neighborhoods.

Capital Projects Manager Don Carney said that the trail was designed and managed by the city’s engineering staff, with funding coming from park impact fees. The city contracted Black Hills Excavating for the construction, which completed the project for $150,170.64.

Carney said that during the construction of the trail, they carefully chose areas that would create the least disturbance to the soil and minimize the amount of construction material that needed to be brought up to the hill.


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  • Citizen

    The new trail from Crosby exits in the woods at the property of a Tumwater elementary school. WHO WILL MAKE SURE THE SCHOOL CHILDERN ARE SAFE?

    Tuesday, January 24 Report this

  • MaxiDu

    calm down. There are already several trails to the school, some of which are designed by Parks and some folks made.

    Tuesday, January 24 Report this