Thurston County Transportation Benefit District receives no funding, revenue for 2023

Plans to focus on road improvement projects once funds are available


County Engineer Matt Unzelman provided the Thurston County Transportation Benefit District (TC-TBD)’s 2023 Annual Report to the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) at a meeting on Tuesday, March 19.

Last December 30, 2014, the BoCC adopted and created the TC-TBD to preserve the existing roadway system, improve safety, and update technology to meet the needs of existing and foreseeable traffic conditions in the county's unincorporated areas.

TC-TBD has no revenue and has not received any funds in the last 2023. Since 2015, after the year of its inception, Thurston County Public Works only incurred liabilities, which TC-TDB would reimburse once the funding source is established.

“We had no revenue in 2023 and we did not expand upon any funds,” said Unzelman. “You'll see expenditures-- $254.57 (for 2023), and liabilities from Thurston County Public Works were incurred for administrative activities.”

The total liabilities from 2015 up to 2023 now amount to $118,038.72, with 2018 having the most liabilities amounting to $76,232.82.

Next steps for the TC-TBD

“State law allows cities and counties to create TBDs to collect these and taxes to implement transportation projects. There can be both board-approved and voter-approved fees that are collected,” said Unzelman.

According to MRSC reports, more than 110 Washington cities & counties have formed TBDs, but no county has funded a TBD.

This is also the case for Thurston County, which created its TBD in 2014 and has not collected any funding.

Public Works Director Jennifer Walker presented funding options and possible projects under the TC-TBD.

Specific project types were categorized as eligible for TC-TBD dollars once funding is available, including preservation, safety, and innovation & technology.

For preservation, projects include chip-seal and overlay pavement preservation, as well as ADA improvements such as mid-block crossings and curb ramp replacements.

Some safety programs that Public Works is currently working on are Johnson Point and Hawks Prairie
Roundabout, 2024 Countywide Safety Improvements, and Pleasant Glade Elementary Pedestrian

“Projects come from our safety program and cover projects such as safe routes to school, intersection improvements such as roundabouts, and other corridor safety improvements,” said Walker.

The third category, Innovation & Technology, may include flashing beacons at marked crosswalks to help pedestrians the traffic be aware of pedestrians across the locations and the LED street light conversion program to help save electricity.

The BoCC and TC-TBD are set to have another work session to decide on funding sources and projects.


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