Thurston County implements Affordable Housing Capital Pipeline to fund development projects 


The Thurston Regional Housing Council has implemented the Affordable Housing Capital Pipeline, a docket of affordable housing projects planned to be funded over a three-year schedule.  

The Pipeline provides the RHC with the ability to establish a list of new affordable housing projects planned for the community, including new construction, acquisition, and preservation projects.  

By outlining the funding schedule for these projects over three years, the housing pipeline aims to give agencies facilitating these projects the financial confidence necessary to move forward in securing other resources.  

Data from the Washington State Department of Commerce estimates that approximately 55,000 new housing units are needed in Thurston County by 2045 to accommodate expected population growth. 

Over 16,000 of these new units need to be affordable for households making between 30 and 80% of the area median income. 

The RHC stated in a press release that agencies with a project included on the Affordable Housing Capital Pipeline receive a "letter of preliminary commitment." However, these agencies are still required to submit a full project application in response to the annual request for proposals (RFP) issued by the Thurston County Office of Housing and Homeless Prevention during the year that their project is scheduled to receive funding according to the Pipeline. The letter of preliminary commitment notifies the agencies that their project is slated for funding, but they must subsequently complete a full application through the standard RFP process to officially receive the committed funds. 

Pipeline to meet the following objectives: 

  • Prioritize new construction, acquisition, and preservation projects serving households with incomes in the range of 0% - 60% of Area Median Income (AMI). 
  • Provide agencies with greater financial confidence necessary to identify and leverage additional funding for affordable housing capital projects. 
  • Provide Thurston County and partner jurisdictions with a schedule of planned projects over a 36-month timeframe. 
  • Organize and prioritize capital projects to allow Thurston County and the service system  to better align agency capital projects with affordable housing inventory needs. 


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  • Somney

    More than this needs to be done. Just checking housing in the affordable range for someone earning median income will yield only a few properties, mostly outside the cities of Oly/Lacy/Tumw, mostly needing quite a bit of repairs.

    I'd think an easier process to up zone would help. The Capital Mall project to increase density seems like a good start.

    I really want to buy a property, I make decent income, earn more than the median. I don't want a house in a development. I would not mind a pet friendly Townhouse or flat, would love to be near public transit (we have free buses and chose to commute to work in the summer on my last day of work week - like to have dinner and recreate downtown), love bike friendly, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods, high walk score. )I idealize neighborhoods in the Netherlands.) - just to float what my ideals are.

    Tuesday, July 2 Report this