Suspect in Thurston County dog attacks found dead out of state


The suspect in recent attacks on dogs in Thurston County has been found dead in another state, the Lacey Police Department announced Friday.

Lacey police said “no further threat to the community remains” after the 20-year-old male suspect was found deceased.

Authorities provided scant details but said the cases against the suspect are being finalized.

Last March, four dogs were beaten and cut by an individual who snuck into a home in Aldea Glen in Lacey.

Two dogs suffered lacerations on the head and the back of their neck, one appeared to have been stabbed in the head, while the fourth escaped the attack but went missing for four hours.

“I wasn't home at the time,” Lynn Jenkins, who started a now-fully funded GoFundMe for the four dogs, said on the fundraising page. “But my roommate heard the dogs screaming outside her window and yelled at the man, who then ran and jumped our fence and escaped.”

“I can't wrap my head around someone who would even do that and then to think karma took care of it," said Roberts on the suspect's death.  "It's pleasing, I don’t like to say that, but it is pleasing.” 

In a separate incident earlier this month, a dog was murdered on State Avenue NE in Olympia, according to reports by other news agencies.


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  • USA_Ronin

    "In a separate incident earlier this month, a dog was murdered..."

    Animals may be killed - even horrifically - but they are not "murdered".

    Wednesday, May 24, 2023 Report this