Suspect attacks grocery store employee -- for looking at him


The Lacey Police arrested a suspect who allegedly tried to attack a QFC employee with a knife.

The victim told police who responded at 1:27 a.m. on Wednesday, January 10, at the QFC located at 4700 Whitman Lane SE that a male wielding a large hunting knife had attacked him.

The QFC employee told the responding officers that he and a fellow employee were on a break when the suspect approached him, grabbed his hair, and attempted to stab his neck and stomach using a large hunting knife.

The victim managed to thwart the attacker by gripping his wrist, telling authorities that he did not sustain an injury because the knife had a dull blade.

“I contacted the witness who confirmed the victim's description of the incident. He confirmed that he was also on a break and he was standing outside near the north/east corner,” the Lacey Police officer stated in the official report. “He advised me that he also observed the suspect attempted to stab the victim in the neck and the stomach.”

The witness also told the police that he held onto the assailant’s shoulders and arm and told him to leave, which the suspect did, carrying several plastic bags, and going northbound on Yelm Highway SE.

However, no incident video was recovered because the north/east corner of QFC was not equipped with cameras or a closed-circuit monitoring system.

Despite the absence of surveillance footage, a coordinated search by law enforcement officers led to the location of a suspect, identified as Antonio Valencia, in the vicinity of Providence Treatment Center at 4800 College Street SE.

The suspect admitted that he was at QFC when the police asked him and added that he got angry at the victim because he kept looking at him.

Authorities detained the suspect at 2:01 a.m., and a subsequent search revealed a ten-inch hunting knife with a dull blade in one of his plastic shopping bags.

The witness later confirmed the suspect’s identity, as well as the knife used on him, when police brought the suspect to the QFC, who was arrested and transported to the Thurston County Jail and was booked on one count of first-degree assault, a felony charge.



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  • RetiredPoliceChief

    Has this murder suspect been released without bail yet? Where will this murder suspect be shopping next? Hopefully, he will receive some coping skills to deal with people that look at him, and the employees should be disciplined for looking at him.

    Saturday, February 3 Report this

  • Boatyarddog


    Seems you have more to Say about the Court System here.

    And since your incognito, Why not speak your mind?

    Your meaning is Vague.

    Perhaps you do not know about the status of this incident?

    I suggest you become more informed before alluding

    to a lack of proper booking or whatever is on your mind.

    Loose Accusations are unproductive!

    And Usually incorrect, serving to inflame conditions, rather than resolve them.

    You Were a Professional at one time.

    Perhaps it's best you retired.

    Saturday, February 3 Report this

  • FordPrefect


    Who was murdered? Was the assailant shopping? How does one “receive” coping skills? You think the employees should be disciplined? Okay, even if you’re attempting sarcasm, your qi is weak, sir. KOMO News’ website is a great place to leave unsubstantiated, trolling comments if you’re looking for somewhere to post.


    I find your use of capitalization disturbing. Also, this dude was probably never a police chief.

    Monday, February 5 Report this