Spring water saving free kits and rebates for households

Indoor and outdoor giveaways


Spring water conservation

The City of Olympia is implementing water conservation efforts through savings, rebates, and free kits. Other localities, such as Lacey and Tumwater, also have incentives and rebate programs. One kits is given per household. The 2021-2026 Water System Plan is yet to be finalized.

The city’s website said, “Help us meet these goals by reducing your water use! Saving water, saves money, but more importantly ensures adequate drinking water supplies for future generations.”

The city is asking people to help meet the goals, which include:

  • Reduce water use by 5% per service connection.
  • Maintain water loss below 10% of production.

City of Olympia “outdoor water savers”

Free water saver supplies are available through an incentive and rebate program through the City of Olympia, according to a newsletter it sent out, giving out free kits for indoor and outdoor water savings and more.  

Kits can be picked up at City Hall, requested by mail, by calling 360-570-3793 or by emailing waterwise@ci.olympia.wa.us for the wanted kits. Ensure to include the items you are requesting and your mailing address if requesting a kit to be mailed to your home.

The outdoor water-saving kits include:

  • Outdoor kit

- adjustable spray nozzle

- hose repair supplies

- rain/sprinkler gauge

  • Hose watering timer
  • Soil moisture meter

Click here to find out more.

Tumwater Residential Rebates and Incentives

The city of Tumwater’s website shared that the city “works hard to ensure our valuable water will continue to be abundant and clean for years to come. The good news is you can also help!” Tumwater is offering many free incentive kits and rebates “so you can help protect our resources everyday.”

Tumwater is offering rebates for items such as water-efficient toilets, Energy Star washing machines, irrigation systems and rain barrels.

The incentive freebies detailed on its site include indoor kits for water saving and outdoor kits with flow meters and an efficient hose nozzle and a water gauge.

For details, click here.

Lacey is taking part in water conservation

“A leaky hose, a running toilet, or a long shower may not seem like much water, but every drop counts. Our water bills are proof of that!  Check out these programs that can help you save water and money,” the city of Lacey’s water conservation program webpage detailed.

Lacey has multiple savings kits they are offering. This includes the indoor water-saving kit, an outdoor watering-saving kit, and more. To check availability, contact Lacey Public Works at 360-491-5600.


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