Smokus Pocus: A 420 Magic Show


Tokes, Jokes, and Tricks are magically appearing in the heart of Olympia by way of a show called Smokus Pocus, a new cannabis-themed magic show. This THC-induced extravaganza is at the crossroads of Olympia culture, community, and entertainment and is packed with jokes that will have audiences laughing like they’re on edibles and tricks so trippy they’ll be asking “what the---?!”

Caricatures will come to life, phones will vanish and reappear in impossible places, minds will be read, and both the stoned and the sober will love the high that is Smokus Pocus.

The show stars Ben Zabin, a magician and ex-weed dealer, who takes audiences on a journey of “dank debauchery”. He connects with crowds by blending mind-blowing illusions with a cheeky yet charming brand of comedy to create a culturally relevant and relatable entertainment experience. To know more about Ben Zabin,, click here 


Event Date
Friday, January 28, 2022
Event time
8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Cost / donation


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