Sex offender allegedly rams into patrol vehicles while escaping arrest

Runs away, hits vehicle, then is pursued


A sex offender allegedly crashed into two patrol vehicles while attempting to escape arrest.

The male suspect had an escape warrant for failure to register as a sex offender, the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) said in a Facebook post.

The original charge against the suspect was first-degree child molestation. He failed to register as a sex offender four times in the last year, the TCSO said.

The Thurston County Sheriff Narcotics Task Force and the Department of Corrections attempted to contact the suspect over the warrant, but the man fled in a Ford Escape.

The TCSO said authorities did not pursue the suspect because escape warrants for child molestation are not pursuable offenses. However, the suspect rammed two Task Force vehicles, prompting authorities to establish probable cause for assault.

The Task Force located the suspect’s vehicle after it crashed nearby.

The man was arrested after a brief pursuit on foot and a fight with a law enforcement officer. A K9 was also deployed.

The suspect was booked for his sex offender escape warrant and multiple felony charges, as well as an additional warrant for failing to register as a sex offender out of Pierce County.

“To say WA state has a sex offender problem is probably an understatement at this point,” Sheriff Derek Sanders said in a Facebook post. “At what point do we come to the conclusion that this person might not be interested in following their conditions of release?”


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  • FirstOtter

    Failing to register as a child molester? Duh? I can't believe society expects them to stop sexually assaulting little kids after a hand slap and a 'bad man" admonishment. Once they're in prison they need to stay there for life and I don't give a darn if they're afraid of the other prisoners. They don't rehabilitate. Releasing them if they say OK I know I was bad I won't do it anymore is just asking for another child being raped.

    Quite honestly, if I were 'in charge', I would make sure that they don't ever sexually assault anyone, child or adult, ever again. But the bleeding hearts out there, the ones who say 'oh, give the poor man a second chance' would say I was doing 'cruel and unusual punishment' to a rapist/molestor.

    They never, ever give the poor victimized kid a second chance, he or she just has to live with the memories physical and psychological damage abuse for the rest of their lives. So yes, I guess castration and a tattoo on his forehad saying CHOMO would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. So be it.

    Saturday, January 21 Report this