Winning by one vote, recount for Rainier City Council position no. 2 election certified

Roth wins election by one vote


The Rainier City Council Position No. 2 contest has been officially certified by the Thurston County Canvassing Board, confirming Ryan Roth as the winner by a narrow margin of one vote.  

The mandatory manual recount, triggered by the slim vote difference, upheld the integrity of the election, with Ryan Roth's victory remaining unchanged.  

The recount involved a three-person counting board hand-tallying ballots from each of Rainier's two precincts.  

To ensure accuracy, the totals were cross-verified against machine counts by a two-person verification board.  

The entire process was conducted in public, with observers present to witness the proceedings in person. 

A manual recount is mandatory when the vote difference is less than 150 and less than ¼ of 1%.  

In this case, the total vote difference between the candidates was just 1 vote, with a percentage difference of .2%.  

Residents and stakeholders can find detailed election results and information on this website. 


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  • AugieH

    Wow! That's a voters' mandate if I've ever heard of one.

    Tuesday, December 12, 2023 Report this