Port of Olympia to fund local community projects in Bucoda, Rainier, Rochester and Tenino 


The Port of Olympia approved the distribution of its annual small cities and communities program grants to the cities of Bucoda, Rainier, Rochester and Tenino. 

The Port Commission approved on Tuesday, May 28, the awarding of $10,000 to each of the four cities to help fund their local projects. 

Bucoda proposes to use the funds for the baseball field at the Bucoda Volunteer Park. The city explained that they would need to replace the announcer booth, update the fencing, rework the infield, and install the bases. The city wrote that the field has fallen in disarray over the years, especially since a windstorm took out the dugout in the baseball field. 

Rainier plans to use the fund for the beautification of Wilkowski Parks by adding paved campsites, fire pits, fencing, paved pathways, a stage, and a canopy cover over a cooking site. 

Rochester aims to the fund to aid its historical research archives. The city has been working to construct a facility at the Rochester School District’s unused gym to house historical documents and photographs, as well as preserve the city’s oral history. Rochester seeks to hire a consultant to design the facility using the grant. 

Tenino seeks to use the grant for the construction of a new cabin at the Tenino Quarry Campground. The city stated in its application form that the camping ground has become popular as the city lacks accommodation. 

Before approving the distribution of the grant, Commissioner Amy Evans Harding commented that she heard feedback that the cities were not fully aware of the application process. Harding requested port staff to refine the process moving forward as the applicant cities usually only have small teams. 

The small cities and communities program aims to aid local projects that contribute towards economic development. The program requires matching funds equal to the applicant’s requested amount. 


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  • Honestyandrealityguy

    Don't miss Joe's in Bucoda. Maybe best restaurant in the world!

    Wednesday, June 5 Report this

  • ejpoleii

    How exceedingly generous of the Port, he said sarcastically. With cash on hand for 2024 and projected revenues of over $15M (total over $30M) and tax revenues over $7M one might expect a little more generosity to the small cities in the county. The Port of Olympia, better named the Port of Thurston County, should be dissolved and its assets returned to the taxpayers of Thurston. Why this port even exists at the very southern part of the Puget Sound is beyond me. At best one might consider turning part of it into a stop for the ferry system, if there are any ferries running in five years, which is doubtful.

    Wednesday, June 5 Report this