Pavement repairs on 13 Tumwater roads scheduled for this year


Tumwater City Council authorized Mayor Debbie Sullivan to sign a $3.9 million public works contract with Miles Resources, LLC, for this year’s pavement maintenance project.

Bill Lindauer, the city’s engineering services manager, reported to the city council on Tuesday, May 9, that the project involves pavement repairs and minor roadway maintenance work.

Pavements on thirteen road segments would either be overlaid or inlaid with asphalt. The pavement repair component of the project also includes the repairs of sidewalk ramps, utility hole covers, and stormwater drainages.

Affected road segments include the following:

  • 83rd Ave from Center Street to Armstrong Road
  • M Street from Capitol Boulevard to East End
  • Mottman Road from Crosby Boulevard to Montair Townhomes
  • Capitol Boulevard from M Street to Market Street
  • Market Street from Capitol Boulevard to East End
  • Crosby Boulevard from Barnes Blvd to Irving Street
  • Trosper Road from Littlerock Road to the portion of the I-5 Overpass before the bridge
  • Tyee Drive from Trosper Road to Fred Meyer
  • Tumwater Boulevard from Monaco Drive to Henderson Boulevard
  • Henderson Boulevard from Tumwater Blvd to 68th Avenue
  • T Street from Capitol Boulevard to West End
  • Gerth Street from Capitol Boulevard to West End
  • Lake Park Drive from Trosper Road to Linwood Avenue

The roadway maintenance part of the project includes the repair and replacement of pavement markings as well as the sealing of roadway cracks.

Lindauer said that he expects the project’s construction phase to start by mid-June and would take around 50 working days to complete.

Miles Resources was awarded the contract after bidding $3,857,857 against four other companies, namely Tucci & Sons, Inc, Puget Paving & Construction, Inc, Lakeside Industries Inc, and Granite Construction Company. The city engineer estimated the project to cost $4,000,188.

Transportation Benefit District annual report

The maintenance project is one of the priorities of the Transportation Benefit District for this year, according to Assistant Transportation and Engineering Director Mary Heather Ames.

Ames was updating the council with the 2022 annual report of the taxing district, which was established in 2014 to fund the maintenance of streets in Tumwater. Other priorities for 2023 include pedestrian and bicycle improvements on Israel Road and Linderson Way, as well as the construction of sidewalks on Linwood Avenue from Susitna Lane to 2nd Avenue.

The construction of the other two projects is not scheduled until next year.

The annual report also contains the financial standing of the taxing district for 2022. The district gained revenues of $2,598,601, which were sourced from sales and use tax. Expenses were only at $91,194 last year, most of which went towards planning and design work.

“We took a more measured approach and sort of conserved energy for upcoming projects,” Ames said to the city council, acknowledging that the district did not fund any construction or maintenance project in 2022.


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