Olympia woman, arrested on misdemeanors, gets new felony charge after allegedly kicking officer


An Olympia woman who was initially arrested for misdemeanor warrants was later booked on a new felony charge after allegedly kicking a police officer in the chest.

According to reports from Olympia police officers, Alissa Lois Buckham, 28, was arrested on three misdemeanor warrants around Fifth Avenue and Water Street on Dec. 26.

During the arrest, an officer said Buckham started “screaming unintelligibly” but was handcuffed without incident.

Police said that after she was placed in handcuffs, Buckham squatted down and refused to stand up, but later allowed officers to escort her to a patrol vehicle.

Buckham yelled at police to “get your f*cking hands off of me” as she entered the car, one officer said.

The suspect then turned and kicked one officer in the chest, pushing him back by about three feet. The officer said he was uninjured.

Buckham was booked at the Thurston County Jail for third-degree assault in connection to the kick, two domestic violence warrants, and a trespass warrant.

Officers noted that the suspect was non-compliant and yelling inside the jail, where she had to be pinned to the ground by four corrections officers.


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