Olympia thanks FAITH Alliance for providing micro houses to homeless


The Olympia City Council on Tuesday, November 15, recognized Faith Alliance Initiative for Tiny Houses (FAITH) for their invaluable work to provide safe and healthy housing in the community.

Founded in 2018, Faith Alliance has worked on projects to help reduce the number of unsheltered residents by partnering with faith communities and housing providers to construct tiny homes.

"FAITH Alliance remains an invaluable organization consisting of community leaders and selfless volunteers aiming to support Olympia's most vulnerable residents," stated the proclamation.

With 49 volunteers and a team of construction leads, FAITH Alliance was able to build 18 micro houses for residents of Quince Street Village.

The organization also built tiny home villages at Westminster Presbyterian Church and First Christian Church that are still in use.

According to Peter Cook of FAITH Alliance, the idea for building micro houses is to replace tents in homeless encampments with rudimentary structures.

"It is more expensive than tents but much more durable and provides huge benefits in terms of protection from the weather and rats, and has a lockable door which is a huge thing for people who have been homeless,” explained Cook

He said they were approached by the city and worked with city engineers to build the last 18 micro homes for Quince Street Village.

The recognition, according to Cook, is a "celebration because we created something which is to be celebrated with the city and the Catholic Community Services and all the people who have helped and made this happen."

Cook thanked the volunteers, businesses and churches, including Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, United Churches of Olympia, the Rock Church, First United Methodist Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westwood Baptist, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and Grace Covenant Church.

"They represent a wide spectrum, which is part of what we do as a faith community. All kinds of churches are working together to create a "huge tent."

In Washington State, one out of every 334 residents is experiencing homelessness and the health impacts that come along with being unsheltered, the proclamation said.


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