Olympia reviews proposed 8-unit multifamily on Crestwood and accommodations for wetlands


Olympia’s Site Plan Review Committee heard a proposal to build an eight-unit multifamily building on an undeveloped 5.1-acre parcel at 2200 Crestwood PL NW on Wednesday, March 8.

Chris Merritt of Olympia Engineering said the original intent was to maximize the density of the lot, but the stream and wetlands identified by a biologist on the site decreased the space for potential development.

"We are left with a small development area in the site's northeast corner. We are proposing a two-story, eight-unit multifamily building with parking and refuse area," Merritt said.

Planning review

Associate planner Lydia Moorehead noted that the site is in a Rural Low Impact (RLI) zone, corresponding with the Green Cove Basin, which has specific standards for stormwater, urban forestry, and impervious surfaces.

"It is a bit different than other zones in the city,” explained Moorehead.

She added that apartments are permitted use with a maximum of three stories and a maximum height of 40 feet.

Moorehead said a maximum of 6% of the site is allowed for the impervious surface. "So based on 5.1 acres, that is about 13,300 square feet impervious surface."

She asked the developer to have the wetland biologist analyze the critical area on the site and pay special attention to the area close to the buffer.

"Ideally, we would like to see a little more space, at least just for maintenance and being able to maneuver and not get into that buffer," Moorehead said, adding that she would send them notes of critical areas ordinance that needs to be addressed.

As for the parking, Moorehead said the developer said they have a correct ratio of 12 stalls for eight units. "[But} I just want to note that the city is considering reducing the minimum parking for multifamily."

Moorehead said the city would potentially adopt the new standards in June." There might be room to reduce the parking lot size and the parking requirements."

Green Cove Basin

According to Moorehead, the site is in the Green Cove area, which has specific requirements, including a level 5 soil and vegetation protection plan that needs to be prepared by a professional forester.

She added that the Green Cove Basin requires a minimum tree density of 220 units per buildable area. It allows all required trees to be located in critical areas, tracks, and buffers.

"You will be providing the documentation in your plan that will calculate the required units and show where they are located in the critical areas or buffer," Moorehead added.


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  • LarryJz

    This development would be eligible for providing ZERO parking spots under the current proposal rushed through by the Planning Commission.

    The Olympia Planning Commission is holding a hearing on a recently adopted MAJOR change to the city's parking requirements on March 20th at 6:30 pm. You can attend the meeting by registering here:


    You can learn more, make comments etc. by writing to: jphillip@ci.olympia.wa.us

    According to the info provided by the city, a 100 unit apartment complex would be required to provide ZERO parking spaces, virtually throughout the city and regardless of whether it is located near transit or not.

    Wednesday, March 15 Report this