Olympia man accused of stealing from church shed


An Olympia man was arrested on suspicion of stealing from the side shed of a church.

Jared B Herrin-Ly, 25, was arrested on Saturday, June 11 after a reported burglary in progress at the Sonrise Church on Boulevard Road SE.

The reporting party, a pastor, told authorities that he was watching a suspect through a surveillance camera take “a bunch of stuff” from the shed. He also reported seeing a vehicle with its trunk open in the parking lot.

Upon arriving at the scene, one police officer immediately detained two individuals, including a man later identified as Herrin-Ly, standing outside a black sedan in the church parking lot.

Another officer walked up to the men’s car and observed a silver pistol wedged between the driver’s seat and the center console.

The officer also checked the premises and noted that the shed door was wide open, with the floor bearing scrape marks “consistent with the door being dragged open.”

The pastor told police that he received an alert from his surveillance camera and saw a man matching Herrin-Ly’s description carrying an item.

Police said the footage showed a man walking toward the shed. Moments later, the same individual was seen walking back to his car carrying a toolbox that he placed in the trunk.

An officer identified Herrin-Ly as the man in the video, while the pastor confirmed that the toolbox belonged to the church.

Police let Herrin-Ly’s companion go due to a lack of evidence linking him to the crime. The suspect, meanwhile, began “screaming while turning his body back and forth” after officers advised that he was under arrest. He said the items in his car were his.

Herrin-Ly was booked into the Thurston County Jail for first-degree burglary. After the arrest, police served a search warrant on the suspect’s vehicle to retrieve the pistol and the toolbox.

Police said the pastor described the toolbox as gray but was actually black. The pastor said he did not need the toolbox back.


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  • bobkat

    "Police let Herrin-Ly’s companion go due to a lack of evidence linking him to the crime." HUH!?!?

    This person was present on the scene of a forced entry burglary and had (presumably) been a passenger in a car where a firearm was found in the front seat area!!! Is there more to this account or is "abetting a burglary," and "in constructive possession of" (a firearm) no longer probable cause in this state?

    Saturday, June 18 Report this

  • Panagringo

    Yes the ridiculous state that law and order finds itself in due to these bleeders,enablers and apologists not to mention judges and the state Supreme Court.

    Monday, June 20 Report this