Olympia lauded for Franklin Street improvements project; proclaims May 21-27, 2023 as National Public Works Week


Olympia City has received the Project of the Year award for the enhanced mobility for all modes of transportation in its Franklin Street improvements.

The American Public Works Association (APWA) Washington Chapter bestowed the award to the city's Public Works Department, with chapter president Lauren Behm at the city council meeting on Tuesday to announce the recognition.

"APWA Washington chapter is proud to announce that the City of Olympia's Public Works Department earned one of only seven awards granted this year through our Public Project of the Year awards program," Behm said

According to Behm, the Franklin Street improvements project was selected as the winner out of the most competitive transportation categories under a $5 million budget.

APWA Washington Chapter President Lauren Behn.
APWA Washington Chapter President Lauren Behn.

Behm noted that Olympia identified a set of commitments to sustain and improve their downtown that would benefit all – from residents to workers, businesses to visitors.

The APWA chapter president said the Franklin Street project has contributed to better walkability and provided transit support.

Mark Russell, Olympia's interim Public Works director, stated that the Project had enhanced mobility for all modes of transportation downtown with significant roadway and urban design improvements.

Olympia's interim Public Works Director Mark Russell.
Olympia's interim Public Works Director Mark Russell.

National Public Works Week

Also at Tuesday's meeting, the city council declared May 21-27, 2023, as National Public Works Week.

The intention of the proclamation is to underscore the importance of public works and its programs in the community. It also aims to acknowledge the efforts of public works professionals focusing on infrastructure, facilities, and services that are vital to sustainable and resilient communities and the public health, high quality of life, and well-being of Olympia.

"These infrastructure, facilities, and services could not be provided without the dedicated efforts of public works professionals, those employees at all levels of government and the private sector who are responsible for rebuilding, improving, and protecting our nation's transportation, water supply, water treatment and solid waste systems, public buildings, and other structures and facilities essential for our community," the proclamation stated.


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  • JamesBishop

    Congratulations. My question is, "when are you going to improve Humpy Bumpy street, alias 4th Ave East and West." The streets of Olympia are a disgrace to the city residents. Also needed in the city is NEW lane striping as in certain weather conditions it is hard to determine whether you are being guided by the painted lines OR the tar lines

    Thursday, May 18, 2023 Report this

  • AugieH

    So, how do the sweaty masses celebrate National Public Works Week? Do Public Works workers get a raise, a celebratory meal, maybe a festive coffee break? Why does this seem so pointless? Just another empty gesture by a city council with way too much time on its hands.

    Friday, May 19, 2023 Report this