Oly school board member Justin McKaughan resigns


Olympia School District Board of Directors vice president Justin McKaughan announced yesterday that he is stepping down from his post.

McKaughan did not elaborate on the reason for his resignation but implied that he is moving away from the city.

"My resignation will be effective on Aug. 31, 2022, when I am no longer a resident of Olympia," McKaughan told the board of directors.

"I serve alongside my fellow board members, and it's been a shining light throughout the past three years. I see a future where OSD leads to a better sustainable tomorrow. Our forum is dedicated to listening and advocating for schools and staff," he said, adding he plans on continuing to serve as a parent-volunteer in schools and other ways that he can be of service. 

McKaughan served on the OSD board of directors for two years and eight months. He was elected as representative of District 2 to the board in 2019. His term would have expired in 2023.

According to his LinkedIn profile, McKaughan teaches general music to Grades K-5 at Michael T. Simmons Elementary School in Tumwater.

OSD Board of Directors president Maria Flores and OSD Superintendent Patrick Murphy thanked McKaughan for his service.

 "Your passion and dedication to the students we serve, especially our teachers, bringing our experience here have made us better. We will be forever grateful for that," Murphy said.

The OSD board of directors voted to accept McKaughan's resignation, with Flores saying that the board would begin the process to fill the vacancy.

Flores said the board would follow the OSD Board Policies and Procedures 1114 and 1115 that state the remaining Board members shall fill the vacancy by appointment.


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