Oly man claims rape, allegedly attacks responding officer


Two officers who were responding to a disturbance call were allegedly assaulted by the subject of the call when they arrived at the scene.

According to Olympia police, officers were dispatched to Evergreen Park on July 20 to respond to a call concerning a man who told his apartment manager that he had been raped.

Dispatchers noted that the man was crying and “doesn’t know what’s going on right now.”

Two officers arrived at the scene and began to ask him about the incident, but he “only stared at [them] without saying a word.”

One officer continued to ask questions about what happened, but the man was still not responding.

“After a few minutes of waiting in silence, (the man) looked at the ground and said, ‘This is not cool,’” the officer wrote in his report. “Then, a few seconds later, (he) sprung out of the chair and came straight at me with both arms held out at shoulder level, closed fists toward me, and closed the distance quickly to attack me.”

A physical altercation broke out, with both officers attempting to restrain the man, who was actively resisting, according to the police report.

The man and one officer fell to the ground during the scuffle. The officer said the man grabbed his radio pouch, causing it to fall off and switch to a different channel. The man attempted to stand back up using his grip on the radio pouch, the officer said.

The officer who fell to the ground with him said a “scab on (the man’s) arm was cut open again when he landed on the ground.” He continued, “While attempting to gain control of (the man’s) left arm, a large amount of (his) blood collected on both of my hands, my patrol uniform, and my exterior vest.”

The two officers managed to get a hold of him, but he continued to resist and did not calm down until one officer threatened to use a taser on him, the police report stated.

One officer said the man “became uncooperative again” after he was handcuffed.

“Either from a diminished mental capacity or from his self-admitted use of acid, (the man) was not responsive to verbal commands,” the officer wrote. “(the man) only responded to pain compliance and control holds.”

The officers put him into a recovery position. In his report, one officer said, “Over time, I could feel (the man) stop tensing up and stop trying to kick me off him. After about a minute or two in the recovery position, (he) eventually became cooperative”

The Olympia Fire Department patched up his arm and checked his vitals. They then cleared him for booking.

The man was booked into the Thurston County Jail for third-degree assault.

Previous incidents

Police noted that it had received several calls for service involving the man in question in the days before this incident.

Officers were dispatched to his apartment on July 15 when he hung off his balcony and threw out his table and chairs from his apartment on the second floor. Responding officers later learned that he was experiencing adverse reactions to “acid.”

On July 18, authorities again received reports of the man throwing chairs, ripping his blinds, and destroying his apartment. The apartment manager said he appeared “paranoid.”

The following day, officers conducted a wellness check on him after he texted a friend that he was going to commit suicide.

Police noted that, in their interactions with the man in the said calls, he refused assistance from the Crisis Response Unit and denied plans to harm himself.


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    Yep. Yet another example of when an un-armed community mental health officer should have been sent.

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