Long Lake closed as water quality unsafe for humans and pets


Thurston County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) warned residents to stay away from Long Lake, which lies at the eastern edge of Lacey, as the water quality remains unsafe for humans and pets.

In a press release on Fri., Aug. 27, county officials issued a health advisory resulting from a bloom of toxic algae. PHSS noted that the water in Long Lake contained high levels of microcystin, a type of liver toxin, produced by the algae. While the safe levels for microcystin is at 8.0 ug/L, officials noted that the water samples reached twice the allowable amount at 17 ug/L.

Once ingested, microcystin can cause liver and kidney failure, and in most severe cases, even death. For pets and livestock, microcystin can also cause illness.

As a precaution, PHSS advised the public to avoid drinking water from the lake, avoid swimming and other water-related activities such as wading, wind surfing and water-skiing, avoid areas of scum when boating, avoid eating fish from the lake, and keep pets from coming in contact with the water.

The city of Lacey also closed off the beach and swimming area until PHSS can confirm that the water quality is safe. Signs are also posted around the area to warn park goers. While the beach remained closed, the city allowed Long Lake Park to remain open.

PHSS also assured that they will continue to take samples until they could confirm that the algae bloom has been cleared.

Lake Lawrence has been reopened

On Saturday, county officials also lifted the ban on Lake Lawrence following reports of a toxic algae bloom. See story: https://thejoltnews.com/stories/stay-out-of-lake-lawrence,2625?


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