‘Long Hair with style & Flair should never be limited by age’


“Gimme a head with hair

Long beautiful hair

Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen”

Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni, Hair

I love women my age. Whether you refer to us as mature, older, senior, elder, or sage, I love us. We have opinions about everything and if you don’t want to know what they are, then don’t ask.

We have been around the block more than once, noted what we have seen, decided what and who matters and do not suffer fools gladly.

And we are not going quietly into the good night.

Because we have had so much life experience there are often times when we don’t express our feelings or share our knowledge, knowing it would simply be a waste of time and breath.

“Go ask Alice” has been replaced with “go ask Google” and AI is now knocking on our doors, making original thought even more unnecessary. I think 1984 has arrived.

We know there have always been corrupt politicians, unnecessary wars and wide disparities between the haves and have-nots.

We know Mother Nature has her ways of taking care of those who exploit, deface and generally mistreat her gifts. We know that those who have the least give the most, and that small children have more common sense than 75% of the adult population.

But there are some lines you simply don’t cross if you want us to keep our thoughts to ourselves…and this week’s AARP Web Letter has found one of them…whether or not women over a certain age should have long hair.

How to wear long hair with style and flair after 50:

Interesting enough this subject was featured along with more guesses about how much, if any, cost of living raise is in store for seniors, the latest COVID variant and how to clean your device screens…

Tips on hair care:

The article on hair care, and how to wear it, at what age, was basically an ad for hair care products disguised as an article. There were the usual pictured suspects – celebrities over the age of 5o, with their long full flowing locks over their shoulders and down their backs.

It was acknowledged that they use wigs, hairpieces, weaves and extensions, makeup artists and plastic surgeons.

The fun came in the comment section from women over 50 and I’ve included some of them below.

“I am now over 60 and how long I like to have my hair is nobody’s business. To insinuate that having long hair somehow is wrong or not beautiful is idiotic. I, for one, don’t want to emulate any celebrities and wouldn’t want their lifestyle, so why would I want to look like them”?

Followed by…

“Reading this article was such a waste of my time. I'm 70; my hair is undyed (grey), straight as a pin, waist length, and none of it is straggling in my face. I wash my hair with solid shampoo bars and condition with solid conditioner bars (plastic, people, is so passe). Once or twice a year I trim my ends. Every morning when my hair has air-dried, I put it up in a bun or a braid. That's it, folks! And I receive many compliments from many older women”.


“Long Hair with style & Flair should never be limited by age. Please stop with the stereotypes.”

Perhaps the most interesting comment was from the woman suffering from alopecia.

She wrote “I also lost all my body hair, which I do care about since I haven't shaved anything since 1972. I miss my hairy legs and armpits”!

There were also a few complaints from men who felt left out because they too have long hair and nothing in the article spoke to whether they are still considered attractive.

I love old women.

Kathleen Anderson writes this column each week from her home in Olympia.  Contact her at or post your comment below. 


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  • KarenM

    Thank you Kathleen. Enough already with designated 'looks' for anyone of any age. If someone wants to wear their hair long or short or pink or grey, that's fine with me. Who appointed anyone as fashion police anyway? I love to see the creative variety that people enjoy for their hair.

    Wednesday, August 23, 2023 Report this

  • cappers

    Great article. I agree with Karen.

    I met a friendly senior woman the other day while shopping. She has lovely, very long hair in a braid. The top was grey and the braid was beautiful colors of purples and blues.

    I'm a senior as well and love my long hair.I don't dye it. In fact am looking forward to being a silver fox.

    Thursday, August 24, 2023 Report this

  • wildnature

    I'm going on 73 with long hair. But it gets thinner and thinner. My husband says when it's gone I can wear beautiful head wraps - I forget what they are called. But I am thinking of getting a wig. My grandmother always wore a wig. But I don't know where one goes to get fitted to see which one would look best. Can you write an article about wigs? By the way I love my old women sisters. All that competitiveness from our younger days is gone, and we just love on each other. If we could of all been loving like that when we were younger. I think the media pits women against each other with all their beauty talk.

    Thursday, August 24, 2023 Report this

  • Writersuntied

    I will see what I can find out about wigs, Wildnatur

    Thursday, August 24, 2023 Report this