Local Special Olympics athletes bring home the gold, silver, bronze and more

Washington State Track and Field Games held last weekend


Thurston County’s Fast and Furious Track and Field team brought home some 39 medals and 14 ribbons from the Special Olympics State Games held at Pacific Lutheran University this past weekend.

Participating athletes included:

Brittany Briceno

Jodie Brown

Gilly Burkheart

Jennifer Cagg

Armando Diaz

Charlene Dickey

Diana Jorgenson

Shirelle Kennish

Katie Kramer

Jack Lohman

Cole Lynam

Patrick Morales

Lisa O'Brien 

Megan Parks

Sean Pugh

Brant Ryan

Alex Salter

Zena Stusser

Edward (Chet) Thompson

Bruce Voss

They competed in 100-meter sprint, 200-meter sprint, 1,500-meter power walking, mini-javelin, softball throw, discus throw and running long jump. 

Among the wins were 11 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 10 bronze medals, as well as 11 4th place ribbons, one 5th place ribbon, and two 6th place results. 

National Games Winner

Benjamin Gregory attend nationals in Orlando earlier this month. He earned a gold medal in the Running Long Jump, 4th in the 400, and 5th in the 1500. 

Thurston County's Special Olympics program operates year-round.  Sports include, depending on the season, softball, golf, flag football, soccer, track and field, bowling and basketball. For more information see this page


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