Lacey’s general spending up by 20% for Q3

Hiring and inflation cited as factors


Lacey has seen an increase of $7,507,515 in its General Fund Expenditure for the third quarter of 2022 from the same period last year.

During the Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 22, Finance Director Troy Woo said the total General Fund Expenditures as of Sept. 30 amounted to $43,513,780 or 64.9% of the adopted 2022 Budget.

Woo said the increase resulted from “one-time 2022 capital expenditures and reserve transfers related to those projects.”

“That’s mainly due to the timing of our annual transfer that happened earlier in 2022 than in 2021,” Woo added.

The cost of labor is part of the increase in the general fund, with an increase of $966,726 due to filling vacant positions and inflation.

The Finance Department also saw an increase of $190,287 due to new positions and adjustments in the Accounting and Utility and Billing departments.

Due to investments in technology and adjustments in salary and benefits, the Police Department experienced an increase of $727,266, but it does not include any cost-of-living increases.

The Engineering Department’s expenditures increased to $287,641 compared to the third quarter of 2021 as multiple positions were added to the adopted 2022 budget.

Several facilities have experienced increases in repairs and maintenance in 2022, resulting in a $156,960 increase in the Facilities Maintenance Department’s expenditures.

As activities continue to return to normal following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the expenditures of the Parks, Culture and Recreation Department increased to $310,891. At the same time, the Community and Economic Development Department saw a $344,767 increase.

The Criminal Justice Fund increased to $1,403,960 due to a one-time $1,600,000 capital transfer for design and land acquisition costs related to the new Police Station.

One of the notable projects this year is the Regional Athletic Complex parking lot project, which contributed to the $777,246 increase in the Capital Equipment Fund.

However, some departments noted a decrease in their general expenditure budget, said Woo.

A $1,660,823 decrease in the Social Services Department occurred through the third quarter of 2022, while the Street Department’s expenditures decreased to $262,695 compared to the data from the same period in 2021.


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