Lacey upgrades electric vehicle charging infrastructure, eyes charging rates


The City of Lacey is advancing its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure with upgrades and expansions, as outlined in a recent briefing by the Public Works Department to the Lacey City Council.

The current project entails replacing the existing Level-2 charging stations at City Hall with two new Level-2 stations, totaling four charging ports, and introducing one DC fast charging station, all set for completion by the end of 2024.

This upgrade will increase the number of EV parking spaces from four to five.

The project includes adding one 2-port Level-2 and one DC fast charging station at the Woodland Creek Community Center and one 2-port Level-2 charging station at the Timberland Regional Library parking lot, which is expected to be operational by Winter 2024.

Additionally, six new charging stations have been installed at the RAC parking lot, ready to go online in the fall.

These new charging stations will utilize the ChargePoint Network, chosen for its compliance with the Buy America program and its user-friendly app which provides users with information on station locations, availability, charger types, and pricing.

This integration aims to enhance the visibility and demand for the charging stations. Users can access the charging facilities even without a ChargePoint account.

The city will manage the stations through ChargePoint’s Station Owner portal, enabling dynamic control over pricing, availability, and operational hours, and providing comprehensive usage data.

An electric vehicle is charging somewhere in Thurston County right now.
An electric vehicle is charging somewhere in Thurston County right now.

Lacey examined regional payment methodologies, identifying pay-by-hour and pay-by-kWh as the primary options to determine the charging rates.

Current rates in the region range from $0.18 to $0.39 per kWh for Level-2 stations, with DC fast charging rates starting at $0.50 per kWh.

The City Council will consider four pricing options: offering free usage, which would cost Lacey approximately $66,000 annually in energy expenses; recovering energy and transaction costs by charging $0.14 per kWh; comprehensive cost recovery by charging $0.19 per kWh for Level-2 and $0.35 per kWh for DC fast to fund future station replacements; and aligning with local government rates at $0.25 per kWh for Level-2 and $0.38 per kWh for DC fast.

An Idle/Overstay Fee of $0.40 per minute is also proposed to encourage EV owners to move their vehicles promptly after charging.

The Public Works Department recommends adopting the comprehensive cost recovery option, ensuring Lacey covers operational and future replacement costs.

An ordinance will be prepared for City Council action at the next regular meeting.


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  • AugieH

    So, remind us again how the electricity flowing through these charging stations is generated. Solar power? Wind power? Hydroelectric power? Nuclear power? Hamsters on a treadmill? Fossil fuels? The answer is a reasonable inclusion in the story.

    Thursday, May 30 Report this

  • HotTractor

    AugieH, if you really want to know, ask the energy provider. When you find out, go ahead and write a short article and post it. Personally, i wouldn't have a problem with charging for the use of the chargers. Ok did you see what i did there?

    Sunday, June 2 Report this