Lacey to start odd-even watering schedule to conserve water during summer


Starting June 1, the City of Lacey will enforce its mandatory odd-even watering schedule for all outdoor landscapes, continuing through September 30.

This regulation is part of an effort to manage peak water demand during the summer months and mitigate the need for costly infrastructure expansion.

Among the factors affecting water usage this year: an emergency drought declaration was issued by The Washington State Department of Ecology on April 16, 2024. The map includes Thurston County as being affected by the drought.  

Residents and businesses will follow a specific watering schedule based on the last digit of their street address.

Addresses ending with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) are permitted to water on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Those with even numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) can water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

No watering is allowed on Fridays.

This schedule applies to grass, ornamental flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and other landscaped areas. However, certain uses are exempt from this schedule, including water for pools, pressure washing, and plants in outdoor pots, hanging baskets, or greenhouses.

Residents with newly seeded lawns or newly installed landscapes can apply for a temporary exemption by contacting Lacey Water Resources.

This exemption is valid for up to six weeks, after which residents must comply with the regular watering schedule. Additionally, publicly owned facilities with active playfields are exempt from the watering schedule.

Failure to comply with the odd-even schedule can result in escalating consequences. A first violation will result in a warning. If a second violation occurs, an official Notice of Violation will be issued. A third violation will incur a $125 fine, and a fourth violation will lead to water service being shut off along with a $250 fine.

Adopted by the Lacey City Council in 2006, this practice aims to reduce peak water demand during the summer, avoiding the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

For more details, including specific violation procedures, residents can visit the City of Lacey's official website or contact Lacey Water Resources directly.

Residents with additional questions or those seeking exemptions can reach out to Lacey Water Resources at (360) 491-5600 or for assistance.


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  • JnNwmn

    The old hand dug well on my lot is only 1/2 full. The well has been full for several years before this year.

    Thursday, May 30 Report this

  • GinnyAnn

    Without The Jolt telling me of this watering schedule, I would never have known about it.

    Thursday, May 30 Report this