Lacey seeks members for ad hoc Parks Improvement Funding Workgroup 


Lacey is actively seeking community members to join an ad hoc Parks Improvement Funding Workgroup.  

The city encourages applications from individuals with diverse voices and perspectives, welcoming those with experience in parks, cultural programs, recreation, finance, or funding strategy. However, prior experience is not a requirement.  

The application deadline is on Sunday, July 7. 

The Workgroup's responsibilities include reviewing parks expansion and replacement projects outlined in the 2023-2029 Parks Capital Improvement Program (PCIP), analyzing available funding options, and recommending a comprehensive funding package to the City Council.  

This package will encompass sources, amounts, and a prioritized list of capital projects for the parks. 

The Workgroup will consist of at least seven general voting members who must reside within Lacey or the Lacey Urban Growth Area (UGA).  

The total number of members can reach up to thirteen, including non-voting and ex-officio members.  

Additionally, there is an opportunity for a youth member, at least sixteen years old, who attends North Thurston Public Schools, a private school, or is homeschooled, and resides in Lacey or the Lacey UGA.  

Non-voting members may also include individuals living outside these areas and representatives from other City advisory boards. 

Appointed members are eligible for a stipend of $50 per regular meeting, capped at $500 annually. 

Click here for more information or to apply for the workgroup. Questions? Contact Jenny Wilson, Senior Parks Planner, at (360) 412-3184 or 


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