Lacey seals $4M deal with Saint Martin Abbey for new police station


The Lacey City Council finalized on Thursday their agreement with Benedictine Abbey of Saint Martin's for the site acquisition to accommodate a new police station.

The council unanimously voted to approve the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Abbey to purchase its 11.96-acre property for the appraised price of $4,040,000.

In their report, Lacey's Community and Economic Development and Public Works Committee said the MOU continues the long-term partnership of the City with Saint Martin’s Abbey in providing service to the community.

In the February 10 Council meeting, Lacey's Capital Projects Manager Ashley Smith said tree removal on the site would be minimized during the project's construction.

She said land use would only be limited to a police station and a city training and emergency management facility. There would be no jail at the new police station other than a 24-hour holding cell.

As a background, Smith explained that the existing 40-year-old police station is inadequate for the current and future needs of the City. She said they also looked into the choice of just renovating the existing facility but determined that it would only cost more and cause disruption of police services during the construction.


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